Sunday, October 07, 2007

Debunking the ReUnited Tour (that never was)

Reunited? I guess not.

Clay put the kibosh on this rumor in a recent blog at his fan club. His sharing of factual information sure did light a fire under Miss Kimberley it seems, as she released a snide, passive-aggressive in your face tirade about it soon after.

My, my, my. How notoriety can change one. It seems she took on the public persona of many of her supporters - bitchy diva. Or maybe she was always that way, who knows.

Interesting poll results - despite the the mostly moaning and bitching on the fan boards, if you add the "yes" votes (9) and the "maybe" votes (9) then possibly a few folks really would attend a concert to see these three reunited.

But now, due to Clay's probity in setting the record straight, and Kimberley's bitchy tirade of a reply, it will never happen.

I feel the worst for Ruben; he probably would have just had a good time singing with his old friends.

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