Monday, January 29, 2007

Clay Aiken: A Man of Heart

February is shaping up to be a good month for Claymates, Clay Dawgs, Claymaniacs, Clay Nation, Claynadians, and all Clay's fans. It ain't called the "love month" for nothing!

The extraordinary video above is from Yahoo! Answers, which is currently featuring Clay's question, "What can we do to get more Americans committed to supporting programs that help children?"

You may share your own thoughts and also view two other videos at

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports child survival, protection and development worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising. ©

The month of love - it begins on February 1, as Clay visits Good Morning America. According to the official fan club, Clay will appear next Thursday on behalf of UNICEF. Interested citizens may participate in this interactive appearance, by asking Clay their own questions about UNICEF and his role with them, or other pertinent questions in their feature "Be Seen, Be Heard." From their site:

Send in your question for American Idol singing sensation Clay Aiken -- and he may answer it on Good Morning America or ABC News Now! Find out why he has chosen to speak up as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador!

Click here for more details.

Also on February 1, tickets go on sale for the first "Champions of Change" Benefit Gala in support of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. In partnership with the Cardinal Club of Raleigh, NC, the event will be held on March 31, 2007. Check the BAF website on Thursday for more details.

Monday, February 5, brings yet another showing of Clay's episode of Scrubs from 2005, "My Life in Four Cameras." It airs at 7:30 pm EST on the Comedy Channel. The show aired originally in February 2005.

In the wee hours of Valentine's Day, February 14, at 2:00 am EST, Clay's episode of Saturday Night Live, with host Megan Mullally, airs on E!. This will be a truncated version of the original show, which originally aired in February 2004.

Later that same day, Clay visits Jimmy Kimmel Live in what is becoming perilously close to an annual tradition! I wonder what Clay will shave for Jimmy this time. ; ) Tune in at 12:05 am EST (just after midnight!) Valentine's night for what is sure to be a good time with the guys. Please note: Clay is not scheduled to perform at this time.

Clay Aiken is a man of heart, and of substance. He is making a difference, and helping "us" make a difference as well.

Thank you Clay. We Heart You.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tabloids Are Stupid

From the Claymaniacs News Blog.

Tabloids Are Stupid

FYI: Some tabloid has a cover story about Clay Aiken being "fat" and "popping pills." He already told us about taking prescribed medication for a medical reason, so big dilly deal. But FAT? Please. We aren't stupid.

Besides, just last week they were calling him "skinny, gawky, elfish, and pixielike."

Well, here's the real deal. Clay Aiken is not fat...he's HOT. Read it and weep you silly tabloid rag.

Just who do they think we are anyway? Idiots? I think not. Why on earth would someone spend their hard earned money on something that insults their intelligence? Not this Claymate.


Photoshop created by Clay Fan Fountaindawg ©2007

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Clay Aiken: Best Makeover of 2006?

In reality, it was just a haircut. But then, it is Clay after all.

Clay Aiken named celeb who had best makeover in 2006

Washington, Jan 03: While we assumed that celebrities - Hollywood`s so-called arbiters of style - had reached the pinnacle of fabulousness, 2006 showed us that some of our favourite celebs have raised the bar even higher with their makeovers last year. named the best and boldest celeb redos of the year.

Former "American Idol" star Clay Aiken - who had a major makeover - was voted number one in the website`s favourite new look of the year poll, after fetching 33 per cent of the total votes.

Singer Ashley Simpson - who had plastic surgery, most significantly a nose job - came in second with 640 votes(25 per cent).

Third slot was taken by Janet Jackson, who lost a whopping 60 pounds in just a few short months.

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