Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anybody Wanna (Soft) Rock?

Vacations. Gotta love them.

But you miss so much! Being a Clay fan is almost a full time job. Seriously; you take a week off and Clay blogs twice, a tour is promoted and debunked, and the Rosie/Ripa ripoff rears it's ridiculous head yet again. the Clay World Turns.

I found the results of the first poll very interesting. There were 40 votes total. It seems that 85% of voters would prefer Clay to tour with a band next non-holiday tour, as opposed to 15% who prefer the orchestral accompaniment.

I agree. But then I love the pop-rock flavor lead guitar and bass bring to the mix.

Jesse Vargas is an amazingly talented musician, arranger and performer. He did a wonderful job with the songs from A Thousand Different Ways, and I do feel that the strings and woodwinds brought just the right flavor to the songs from the CD. Sean McDaniel did a bang up job as well, and added much to the arrangements. But just think of the vibrant intensity some rock guitar would have brought to I Want to Know What Love Is, or the amazing energy a few well placed guitar riffs would have given the radio medley.

However, the stand out portion of the concert, for me anyway, was the warm and fuzzy one-two punch of the final two songs in the set - Lover All Alone and Because You Loved Me.

And without the plaintive yearning of the solitary cello and the swell of passion the strings brought to those performances? Well, it just wouldn't have been right.

So for this tour - the orchestra was perfect. For the Christmas tour - the orchestra is perfect. But for the next pop tour? I'm hoping for a full out guitar-centric band; complete with keys, horns and percussion. I'm not one who yearns for the mysterious "Rocker Clay" that so many dream of, but I love the energy a live band brings to the stage.

And I think Clay does too. I've seen the proof.

But then again....we'll always have "party all night!"

photo by shineinnc

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treenuts said...

Excellent blog! ITA :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I agree with you. The orchestra brought a lot to the concert this summer. I was at Orlando the last night and MOAM with the orchestra was amazing. I have never heard Clay sing that song so well. It was a true standing O moment. I am anxious also to see him with the band again. That's what I love about Clay, he can sing anything with any type of musicians and blow the roof off of the house. LAA and BYLM were sublime and beautiful night after night. Clay, a piano and cello was pure magic. Thanks for the blog.