Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Debunking the Myth of the Claymates

I don't know about you, but I think it's time to set the record straight.

For three years, the media has operated under the erroneous assumption that Claymates, or Clay Dawgs, Clay Nation, Claymaniacs, Clayniacs, Claynadians, Claysians, or just FANS, whatever moniker you choose, are either twelve year old teenyboppers or "blue haired grandmothers."

Not that there's anything wrong with that - we are that, and proud of it. But we are more.

Then there are those days we are an army of "middle aged women," most often spoken as if that's a bad thing. Why is that a bad thing? And why are the media hell bent on disparaging us? And most of all, why is it "disturbing" that Clay Aiken has middle aged female fans? That very judgemental statement, made by an obscure website geared to men, is more disturbing to me.

As fans of Clay Aiken, we have taken a beating in the press, often being referred to as "rabid," or "obsessed," or even "a cult."

OK, we may occasionally resemble that remark, usually during concert season or CD release time. Pretty much like the fans of many artists, in fact. Or, sports teams, if you get my drift. If we were mostly "middle aged men" instead of women, I don't think the media would be so intolerant, so judgemental, so openly hostile and resentful.

...So disturbingly concerned with us. In fact, the media seems more obsessed with the Claymates than the Claymates are with Clay. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

However, I don't think I care to sit back any longer while the media continues to define me as part of a giant, three headed, rabid, crazy-ass fan monster. It is neither fair nor reasonable to paint an entire fan base with a single brush. The Clay Nation is diverse. While many of us "came for the voice and stay for the man," just as many of us stay for the voice as well. And the hair, let's not forget the hair. Some of us stay for the hair. ; )

Guess what? Whether we are 2 or 82, male, female, straight, gay, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, a student, a middle aged female, or a rocket scientist; we have the right to enjoy and support whomever we choose. We have a right to have and own an opinion, and to express it as well. Over the years, most of us have learned to "choose our battles." But some of us have more spare time than others. ; )

Sure, some of us are opinionated. But just as many (if not MORE)are in this for the fun, the friendships and the music. Most of us do not "worship" Clay. And those that seem to, well, they aren't always "Claymates," if you know what I mean. We are number crunchers and fangirls, casual and intense. Some of us want to tuck him into bed and some of us want to take him to bed. With all due respect of course! And some of us, well, we just want to hear him sing.

There is no place in the entertainment arena for stereotyping or prejudice. I get quite enough of that in the real world, don't you? Stereotyping often leads to bias, bigotry and even the subjugation of entire groups of people.

So, cut it out.

Here's a newsflash for you - your intolerance and disrespect doesn't make US look bad, it makes YOU look bad. The point is, we do not all share a brain. We are a tribe of many ages, colors, backgrounds and beliefs. We are smart, funny and many of us know the score.

The one constant - we support Clay Aiken. We enjoy hearing him sing. We find him worthy of our time and our support. That is our choice, not yours. We want to have fun - so stop wasting your time trying to darken our experience! Keep your rude comments and bad vibes to yourself. It won't work anymore.

So, this blog. I think we should let you fine readers know who the Claymates, Clay Dawgs, Claymaniacs, Clayniacs and Clay FANS really are. Feel free to share your age, sex, state or province (or country, if outside the US,) your vocation, or anything else you choose to share about yourself, including what you like about Clay.

No personal info please; comments will be moderated - and may be edited for length ; )- to protect the poster as well as to keep the funsuckers out. There will be no sucking the fun out of this exercise! This blog comes with no challenge, no proclamations, no adversity, no drama. We just want to take the opportunity to say who we are, and, like Clay, to take back our identities from the media who attempt to stereotype us. Trust me, from my personal experience, there are some really cool people out there who like Clay. All flavors. Open your minds; you may be surprised.

This is who we are. Who we really are. Not who the media says we are.

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Oh Crap said...

Great blog! I'm female, in my 50s going on 21 now that Clay has arrived. I do legal research for Class Action Suits, have a genius IQ but I'm dumber than a box of rocks when I need to be. My hair is not blue; it's long and blonde. I do not carry a bucket of KY Fried Chicken under my arm; I'm Italian so make that Pizza with everything on it but anchovies and olives.

Linda said...

I'm 59, Female, have "Blond" hair not blue, and I live in Michigan.
I fell for Clay almost right away. I was telling someone just what it is that I love about Clay and going on and on. She asked "What about his singing?" It was then I realized that there are a thousand different things about Clay that I love as well as his singing. I'm more tolerant of people, (but don't bad mouth Clay). I hardly swear any more. He has formed a foundation for inclusion of children with mental disability's (TBAF) and he was just appointed to a Presidential committee for people with similar problems. He's the World Ambassador of Education for UNICEF. And he still wants to sing for us. I can't imagine what his Mother must feel. I know I love Clay Aiken and couldn't be more proud to be a Claymate. Sorry Elvis

Anonymous said...

I am a 61 yr old office manager, very logical thinker. I am also a metaphysician, so very esoteric thinker, too. I support Clay cause he has a voice that is sublime, yet he is totally FUN. His live concerts are FUNNY and fun. I go to multiple concerts cause you never know what's going to come out of his mouth, except it will not be mean in any way. He is fascintating. He sees people with his heart, rather than his eyes and I am learning to do the same from his example. A GOOD man!

Diana said...

I am 30 years old, and female. I'm a teacher, elementary school. Just to show how non stereotypical a Clay fan I am, I will say that I love Kelly Clarkson, and Ruben too! No hate here. Also, while I admire Clay's humanitarian endeavors, I am all.about.the.voice! Clay has the most unique voice of anyone on the charts right now, in my opinion, and I love it. Also, I don't care for the covers concept of the new CD, but he sounds fantastic on it! Thanks for the place to share.

Laura said...

you hit the nail right on the head
I'm so glad you put this into words for those of us who feel the same way, but can't put it all together ilke that.
I'm almost 41, married, mother of two boys , resonably intelligent and am sick to death of being critized and insulted about my fanhood. I love everything about Clay that everyone else does
the voice is heavensent, he's so sweet and funny and smart and good and caring and he's good to his momma too....and the fact that he's just adorable is just more icing on the 'Cl'ake.....
thanks again, keep up the good work

Morgan Rowan said...

It seems in this century, it's not politically correct to disparage people of color, people with specific religious backgrounds, people of different sexual persuasions or people of small stature. . . but it seems completely acceptable to disparage, malign and generally go ewwwww about women of middle age or beyond. It seems the civilized world is not quite as civilized as it believes itself to be. The perception of appearances are everything it seems and a woman's graying temples are not considered distinguished or especially sexy.

Well you know what world . . . bring it on . . . because we have the strength of character, experience and knowledge to take it and those that choose to point and smirk only succeed in showing themselves to be narrow minded biggots.

sheilap said...

I will be 41 in December and I am an Admin. Assistant for the Parkinson's Clinic here in Calgary Alberta Canada. I am required to have a sharp, compassionate, organized mind in order to deal with the patients of this clinic. It is a job I take pride in and enjoy tremendously. And the first time I heard Clay sing on AI I was a Claymate. His voice is like an angels. It is so clear, concise, and open. You know exactly what it is he is feeling as he sings from his heart. That is refreshing in todays music scene. Then there are his eyes, you could drowned in them. They truly are the windows to his soul. Unfortunately, Clay has never come to Calgary in concert or I would have been there, alone if necessary. I am still hoping he will come here. If loving Clay makes me a fanatic, than call me crazy, but really I do not care what other people think. I like who I like and support who I support, and it is their problem because they have not jumped on board the Clay train, yet. My question is, Why don't you love Clay?

Lynsey said...


I am a 46yo, widowed, redheaded, animal-loving legal secretary from MI who came across Clay by accident -- while channel-surfing during AI2. It’s true that “I came for the voice, but I stay for the man”: I enjoy the relaxed way he seems to have been born to perform; love his snarky and lightning-quick sense of humor; was charmed by his warmth and genuineness during a M&G; and truly admire his devotion to using his fame to help others (via TBAF, UNICEF, the Pres. Committee, etc.). But, mostly, I'm proud to call myself a "Claymate" because I have met some wonderful people who are also unashamed to be likewise monikered. I have found The Clay Nation, for the most part, to be great fun (it’s the naysayers I avoid).

Never underestimate the power of The Clay Nation.

Josie said...

Wow, I don't know how these manufactured facts get circulated but they are wrong!

My daughter, who is almost 18 was the one who turned me on Clay. She and many of her friends are Clay fans. They communicate and chat via myspace and AIM all the time about Clay. I was so happy that there is a singer out there that she can enjoy and that is a great role model for her. As a parent, I frown at all the "garbage" that is perpetuated in some of the songs of today.
It's a good thing she's in college studying and doesn't have time to read this kind of crap.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great blog! I'm one of Clay's "granny" fans; over 65, worked in high-tech, a music lover but long away from it until Clay brought me back. I've been a fan since I first saw him on Can't Help Myself night; his connection with the audience was palpable, I thought, "Look how they react to him; who IS this guy?"
And then That Voice... and Those Eyes... and then some interviews, he was so much fun... and then we learned about his innate goodness and huge heart...
I agree with all the comments on here, from being captivated by That Voice and persona to lovin' his concerts for the music and fun; from admiring and supporting his goals and foundation and work with UNICEF, to not swearing anymore; and um, yes, to SO digging his looks!
AI is doing a great service bringing so many wholesome singers to public notice, but my fandom belongs to Clay. He is unique, a once-in-a-lifetime talent and personality, and I'm so grateful I'm here to experience him!

Anonymous said...

I am 42 and live in BC, Canada. I am a Clinical Secretary in Genetics. I came and stayed for the voice..the rest is icing..including an whole new circle of friends who, even if Clay were to decide to leave music, would stay my friends.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

I am 42, Canadian, and work in Clinical Genetics. I came for his voice...STAYED for his voice...the icing on the cake. I may not like everything he sings..or every hair style he choses.. but have you heard ME sing...or seen me on a bad hair day? Those things are superfluous...there is more substance beneath that...and I love him for it.

Erin in Texas said...

My, oh my! How exciting to just let it all hang out!

I am a 37-year-old graphics designer and early childhood education student from Texas. I have blonde/brown/burgandy hair. Yep, that's right. I have tri-colored hair and I rock that look, I can promise you that!

I am fangirly sometimes, and a wallflower other times. I once wrote a letter to The View that begged Meredith Viera to smell Clay. AND SHE DID. So maybe I am partly to blame for the labels we are covered in: Kooky, weird, scary. I don't think so, but maybe. If so, I'm sorry. But I did enjoy seeing Meredith smell Clay, and she SAID MY NAME out loud to the man. Right to his face! (Or his ears, I guess.) A clip of which I have on my computer along with a screencap of the exact second he heard my name.

Ahem. What was I saying? Not obsessed. That's right. We are NOT obsessed. OK sometimes some of us are. So what?

I love Clay for all the pure reasons, but I proudly proclaim that I love him for all the not-so-pure reasons, too. He is a sexy man, and I am one of those in the "take to ..." rather than "tuck in ..." category. Big whoop. I'm just a normal woman, after all.

Thank you ... for giving us a voice amid the craziness of the Media Hatred. They want us to feel small, but it isn't going to work.

Stand tall, Claymates,ClayDawgs, ClayDreamBelievers, et. all! Rock your blue hair! Or blonde! Or brown! Or black! Or gray! Or ... burgandy ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GREAT blog! I am a 49 year old female, married for 30 years, mother to two to sons ages 27 and 23. I am an Administrative Assistant for a physician.I do not have blonde hair. I am in this for Clay's voice and the friendships he has brought into my life. My husband supports my Clay habit and has gone to every concert with me. I will be a Clay Fan until the end.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time! We need to be heard before we can kill the beast that wants to hammer us down.
My name is Marina.I am 31 years old and a health care professional in the ear, nose and throat field. I work for a voice specialist and I have worked with many professionals through the years. I of course, I can spot a great singer in a second! Fell in love with this man instantly for his voice, but melted completely at who I found him to be and the quality of man he is. I have never been ashamed to call myself a supporter, as he is a person who has something bigger than that voice to offer humanity. He is a true example to young kids on overcoming the unpopular vote and has learned to package it very well.
At 31, he has still managed to teach me a thing or two as well. I have changed my whole position on volunteer work and have enriched my life. Thank you, Mr. Aiken. I would not be who I am today, if not for you. Now...sing me a song and melt my heart some more!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a very young 56. Married to a singer and mother of a singer. I love singers. I am a professional woman who owns a successful business. I love Clay Aiken. My husband and son also respect his talent, however they don't share my passion. I am devoted to Clay because he deserves respect and admiration. He is a man of integrity. He sings like no one I have ever heard. He is a sexy man, and he has changed my life. He has helped me reclaim my youth. He has challenged me to help my fellowman. He is one in a million.

Anonymous said...

I am slightly over the legal age (LOL)and a teacher of Spanish and a Reading Specialist. A parent, a Christian, and a musical director of two choirs.

Clay's voice and personality have made me a very "energetic" fan who enjoys traveling to multiple concerts and meeting up with the HUNDREDS of Clay fans I now call my friends.

I am beholden to Clay Aiken for all these friendships, for countless hours of entertainment , and for challenging me to be a better human being.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll play. I'm 52, slender and female with long blonde hair and people mistake me for about 34. I'm a professional person, a liberal, registered democrat and am somewhat of an agnostic. I do not have children or grandchildren and I am a fan of Eminem, The Who, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Matchbox 20 and yes Kelly Clarkson. Clay did not fill a void in my life..personally or musically. He just came in and blew me away with his character, his strength, his voice, his humor and his drop dead gorgeous looks. I originally came for the voice and I stay for the man, the voice and the hair....;-)
I've had the pleasure to meet Clay twice and he is all he seems to be and more. A snarky, intelligent, extremely complex and talented man who has so much to give the world.
Thanks for helping us set the record straight. I've personally attended Clay concerts with friends as young as 8 and as old as 81 and all ages in between.
I don't think the media or the powers that be know what to do with someone who has fans across so many demographics. Too bad for them, we know what to do and will continue to do it as long as he sings.

Jan said...

I turned 50 this year (people say I look a lot younger), but inside, I still feel as though I'm in my teens to 20's. Not much makes me madder than the "middle aged women" comments. As though we already have one foot in the grave and don't have a clue about music. I grew up on music. I listened to popular music growing up, but quit listening to it when much of it started turning ugly (IMO). Clay brought me back to beautiful music again. Music with beautiful lyrics that you could understand and weren't ashamed to listen to or sing. Thank you for that, Clay.

I have short dark hair and its never been blue. Betcha I can find some rocker guys and girls in their 20's who have blue hair!!! :)

I have raised 2 boys to be model citizens -- great guys who I am proud of. I raised an 8 year old and a 6 month old as a single mother after their dad left, while I worked, made sure my mom was taken care of, and sometimes took care of me. I'm not some idiot who blindly follows Clay like he's a god or something. But I do support him because he is a servant of God and lets that show in his life.

I am a fairly level headed person but still love to have fun and act crazy just like I did when I was a kid. Clay has brought that out even more in me. He is the fountain of youth!

I've made so many wonderful friends via my fanship. I've found a way to volunteer and reach out to others via BAF, UNICEF, and other such Clay endeavors. This is something I love to do. I have done something I haven't done in around the country and enjoy every minute of it with my friends.

I always said that Clay would make a difference in the music industry, and he is doing just that. He has people talking about his fans and their ages and talking about his different style of music. Right now a lot of that is negative, but in time I believe positive will come out of it. People have seen how different Clay and his fans are. People aren't real accepting of different things at first. But you just wait. In time more people will understand and accept. And those who don't, will that's their loss.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see the REAL Clay, watch this montage.

Donna said...

I am 55. I teach 4th grade. I love Clay Aiken for his fantastic voice, caring heart, sense of humor, and faith in God. He makes me smile! He is even better in person in a concert. I love listening and seeing him sing. He is a true blessing in my life.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog! I am a Mother, Grandmother, and a Clay fan like you wouldn't believe. I have two daughters and two sons, and two Granddaughters. Clay is also my "SON" friend, boyfriend, Earthly Idol, my day dreams, and my night dreams. I found something in Clay you don't find often any more. That would be called "RESPECT" also the voice
straight from God.
I am a Preachers Daughter. I took an early retirement from one of the largest "Global" Chemical Companies in the world, where I was a "Quality Coordinator" I retired just in time to go to Clay's first tour. Three generations of my family were represented at each of the 9 concerts we have had the fun and pleasure to attend. I have made several lifetime friendships that I could not have made, if not for Clay.
There are many bands and singers I have enjoyed through the years, and still do, but never in my life have I heard anyone, anywhere to compare with Clay's voice, and morals. He is truly one of a kind and I will be his fan along with my Daughter and Granddaughters for
the rest of my time on earth.
"I am so very proud to be called a

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. I'm female, 25 from Asia. I work as a quality engineer for an electronics company. Yep, I do quality testing on your celphone chargers and computer power supplies. Why do I like Clay? I think he's what the world needs now...a man of integrity. I know he's not perfect but I believe he's a really nice gentleman with a big heart. Cheers to the Clay Nation!

Maureen said...

My name is Maureen, I'm 47, work part time. I live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband, two cats, and until recently, my 19 year old daughter. Also a Clay fan, Holly currently attends college out of town, studying stage technical arts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Brunette, and I don't have one grey or blue hair in my head (not that there's anything wrong with that :o) ). I'm still in my 40s, and I am the Deputy Director and Acquisition Center Branch Chief of a huge contract management division.

I do not scream "I love you Clay" during concerts. I've never chased after a tour bus. I don't try to fight Clay's battles. I don't stifle people for having a differing Claypinion than me. I do admit to using one or two Clayisms during a conversation, but that's about the extent of my over-the-top Clay fan behavior.

I love Clay's voice and I think he's a pretty amazing and terrific person. However, I am not rabid or obsessed, and I am tired of the ridiculous opinions so many people have of Clay's fans.

I loved your blog and I hope it gets the attention it and Clay's fans deserve.

Brianna said...

Wow, this is interesting. I am 24 and my music of choice is mostly alternative. I love AFI, the Killers, etc. But Clay has a voice that cant be denied!

He is also adorable.

And, my hair is blue. Sapphireglory to be exact.

Anonymous said...

I am a 28 yr old Canadian accountant by day and I moonlight at a radio station at night. My musical tastes tend toward blues but I like a pretty wide variety of music, particularly independent Canadian artists like Hawksley Workman and Ani Difranco.

I love Clay's voice. I think its purity of tone is quite xceptional. I wish he were able to find original songs more worthy of his voice.

Clay's determination to make a positive difference in the world has been inspirational. I am now trying to work toward that myself.

Divayenta said...

Great blog! And amen to what is being said here. I came up in the 60's and 70's pop-music wise. Lived through the Haight Ashbury era in San Francisco. The Fillmore was my second home. Yes, this wife/singer/songwriter/choreographer/dancer was exposed to the greatest rock musical acts ever. Where do I start? Cream, Jimi, the Doors, Led Zep, Beatles, Stones, Byrds, CS+N, all the great blues bands, etc. Also grew up with classical and jazz par excellence. When I heard Clay's voice, I thought,"Uh-huh, one of the great voices coming up here."
He's also a quirky, intelligent Southern eccentric and original with a huge heart and wit to match. I believe most of his critics (who are entitled to their opinions if informed) have never seen Mr. Aiken in concert. Pity.

I have met some of the most interesting , creative and intelligent women I have ever known in this fandom. It's just marvelous.

We live in a sad, cynical world today. And there are many good reasons for it. This I know as an environmentalist.

So you have to take joy and beauty where you can find it. Clay Aiken and his fans give me lot of that .

WRU said...

I am no where near any of those descriptions.

Thanks for posting this!

kyle said...

totally agree. im a 15 year old (straight) guy and i think clay is awesome !

Jacki said...

I am a 41 year old female and I love Clay's voice. When will the media understand that women my age have more money than any other time in our lives and we will spend it. We have all made wonderful friends that we would never have met without Clay

Aiken4Clay said...

It's been said but will say it again...great blog! I too have gotten enough negative comments about Clay (from the BOYS) YES I LUV Clay as a singer and a MAN! He has done more for the community than anybody that I know (now matter their sexes or there sex preferences!) He is real and I thank the Lord (and Ms. Bubel) for guiding him to us.

I am a 30 yr old Asian w/2 kids. I am a paralegal working toward her law degree...we know that diversity exist, look around. Clay has enble us to form lasting friendships with him as our common ground and our diversity just makes us, well us.

Leave the hate behind, the world has bigger problems for us to focus on. Clay and his fans are NOT the problem...

Sandra1954 said...

I am proud to be a middle-aged Claynadian. It saddens me when cheap shots are taken at Clay or his fans but at the same time it heartens me to read blogs by fighters such as yourself. Thanks for giving us a voice!

Jessyca said...

My friend sent me over here to post. I am 22 and I love Clay Aiken! I'm a female, work at an insurance company in the office, and I love all kinds of music, from 80s to Luda! Heres the thing, if people would stop trashing Clay the fans wouldn't be so militant and defensive all the time, so maybe if they read this it will give them somethin to think about. Clay rocks!!

Anonymous said...

I am a 57-year old blissfully single, child-free, debt-free female retiree, kidney donor (to my brother-in-law), and Clay fan with (still naturally!) brown hair. After many years as an HR manager for a global pharmaceutical company, I retired last year and have been thoroughly enjoying a variety of hobbies and interests. Like many baby boomers, I was very career focused. All those 60-hour and more work weeks paid off. I am so blessed to have the freedom of retirement while I am in excellent health and young enough to embrace new challenges and ideas. Besides not having blue hair, I am much more irreverent than religious, and I wouldn’t touch a piece of fried anything from KFC or anywhere else.

Ageism and sexism are so 1950s. These and other related “isms” seem to bubble up when otherwise rational individuals experience irrational fear. Sometimes when individuals feel threatened, they revert to ineffective defense mechanisms like stereotyping, name calling and other forms of hostility. Change, even just the possibility of change, can ignite these irrational fears and subsequent ineffective behaviors. Example: American Idol is a change agent. Some individuals begrudge AI its influence on the pop music industry. These same individuals will never acknowledge the talent or tolerate the success of the AI contestants. AI is challenging (and changing) how the pop music industry operates by providing an alternate means for young vocal artists to make it to the tops of the charts.

Now, add perceived insult to perceived injury, and the reaction turns really extreme. Clay represents even more threatening change. With an authentically great voice, he makes it to the tops of the charts and he isn’t even the AI winner. Not only does he not fit the pop music artist behavior mold, he doesn’t make any attempt to do so. (Who does he think he is?) For some individuals, that’s way too much change. Their irrational fear of the change Clay represents spawns rumor mongering, cruel personal attacks, and of course, maligning his fan base by reverting to 1950’s ageism, sexism and other related “isms.” (Who do they think they are?)

Personally, I love Clay because he is an auditory oasis. In my opinion, there’s a portion of the pop music industry that is a wasteland populated by retching rap din passing for music and/or by heavily auto-tuned (faked) voices slurring sexually explicit and/or illiterate gibberish passing for lyrics. There are plenty of music critics with gluttonous appetites for this wasteland swill. Sadly, to their toxin-numbed palates, the good and the bad all tastes the same now. It’s no wonder that Clay’s fans are so ardent about the man and his voice, and are so excited about “A Thousand Different Ways” and “Lover All Alone” at iTunes. I am a Clay fan because of Clay’s authentically wonderful voice and character. I’m staying for the voice and the man.

Anonymous said...

I am a 52 yr old mother of 4 grown-up kids from the Philippines, a country located in Southeast Asia. I am a singer and I know how a good singer sounds. First, it was the voice of Clay that got me hooked. But as I learn more of him, the more I became obsessed with him. With his thin frame, this man got more meat than most celebrities - the role model that America and the rest of the world have for a long time needed.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I'm female and proud to be a smart blonde. I'm also proud to be part of the Clay Nation! My vocation is currently a student, but I'm an aspiring veterinarian. I'm also a relatively new Claymate, but I'm learning and becoming strongly devoted fast! It's easy with such a beautiful, kind-hearted man with an amazing voice as my boyfriend! I now delight (rapture) in all aspects of Clay- humanitarian, singer, teacher, comedian, performer. I'm a Claymate for life!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the well-written blog. I am a university professor and researcher and have been a Clay fan since AI2. I love his voice, his singing, his character and his look (handsome and hot!). I support Clay by buying his cds (bought 5 copies of ATDW), attending his concerts, watching his TV appearnces and becoming a member of his fan club. I am not ashamed to tell my younger family members (who only listen to rock music)and friends that I am a Clay fan. They do not tease me and in fact, they respect my choice of music. Now they start listening to Clay's music.
This world is full of malicious people, the mean-spirited media examplifies such group of people. However, I strongly believe that if we (the fans) remain strong and exercise our rights, we will eventually defeat this mean-spirted people.
Dr. S.W. (Canada)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the well-written blog. I am a university professor and researcher and have been a Clay fan since AI2. I love his voice, his singing, his character and his look (handsome and hot!). I support Clay by buying his cds (bought 5 copies of ATDW), attending his concerts, watching his TV appearnces and becoming a member of his fan club. I am not ashamed to tell my younger family members (who only listen to rock music)and friends that I am a Clay fan. They do not tease me and in fact, they respect my choice of music. Now they start listening to Clay's music.
This world is full of malicious people, the mean-spirited media examplifies such group of people. However, I strongly believe that if we (the fans) remain strong and exercise our rights, we will eventually defeat this mean-spirted people.
Dr. S.W. (Canada)

Anonymous said...

I'm a 17 year old female. I live in Ohio. I'm petite, not short. I'm a writer. I don't have a job but maintaining my 3.8 GPA is hard work! I wasn't even going to watch AI2. But then I saw Clay. And what a difference he has made!

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Thanks for a great blog. At The ConCLAYve we revisited our very first blog about the myth of the Clay Fan - who we are and the diversity of our backgrounds and musical heritage. Our blog is made up of 12 different voices, different perspectives - but all VERY different than the media's portrayal of us. It's great to use our voices!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be a 32 year old Lecherous Broad for Clay Aiken. I've worked in pharmacy for the past 5 years and have a 6 year old son, who totally digs Clay! There's not 1 thing I could pick why I adore Clay! It's the total package of singing, looks, humanitarian...the list goes on.
Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I'm 46, female, proud parent of sons, 18 and 21. I live in Austin, Texas.

Two years ago, I climbed into a minivan full of women I didn't know to go on a Clay Fest. We became friends. There are so many friendships that never would have been if it weren't for Clay.

There's a reason the man has a his own nation.

Anonymous said...

Wow... just the right blog that I want to see.

I am 14 years old, from Philippines, and some people tend to forget Clayfans my age when they hear the word 'claynation'. It kinda annoys me. Really.

If asked why I liked Clay Aiken, well, there's something about him... something that pulls you towards him. Like, the more I get to know his story, the more I feel hopeful and inspired. Can't explain why. Maybe it's the fact that I can actually relate to him a bit because I was once bullied too, a lot I must say. Then things began to change when I decided not to give a damn about what they say. He also inpires me to bring out the best in me. Like, heck, if he can do it, I can too. He's not like those other stars who seem to be too perfect, a world away from us. I'm not saying that the guy is imperfect, but I see him as the perfect model of imperfection. In a positive way. Dunno if you guys can understand what I'm trying to say, my minds a bit blurred now coz it's almost my bedtime.

And those people who need to get a clue? I Think they need a dose of blogs like this. Or a dose of Clay's voice. Let's see if they won't stay for the voice. I definitely stayed for the voice... and the hair. ;)

Anonymous said...

Iam a 58 year old elementary teacher. I go to multiple Clay concerts and enjoy taking fringe fans and "Clayverting" them. Wha do I take?... my college roommate, my Bible study friends, my bosses'wife, my cousin, even two of my students. They go because I ask them to go with me and they return because of this man's supurb talent.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a 41 year old Clay fan who resides in Canada. I am the stay at home mother of two young children. Contrary to common believe however, I am not a dumb housewife (although I have my moments). I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and have had extensive experience working with
individuals who have developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. Thus, part of Clay's appeal to me (apart from his fantastic voice) is his love for these individuals. I enjoy many different kinds of music and appreciate real talent when I see it (meaning Clay). Thanks for the great Blog!

Peggy said...

Hi, I'm a 55 year old kindergarten teacher. I love Clay because he has a wonderful voice, is a good person, using his fame to help others, and his music is not filled with trash like so many of the popular songs today.I feel happy when I hear Clay's songs and it makes me feel more in love with my husband when I listen to them.

pbeheel said...

53...blonde...2 sons...liberal in mathematics..working as an IT professional with a major bank. I have been a rabid Carolina basketball fan and that was OK. So now I am a rabid Clay Aiken fan. I came for the voice and I stayed for the voice and the man and the hair. Clay has so many great would be hard not to love him.

CarylAnn said...

I am a 47 year old mother of 5 and nana of 1 and 1/2 - yes my daughter is having a baby yeah. I love clays voice, I respect and admire the man and wish more people especially celebraties had his heart. I don;t understand why he gets such a bad rap. Are they jealous - why is it they try to break him down so bad and yet there are singers out there who do nothing but sing trash about violence. sex and make videos with girls who should be ashamed of themselves - you would think when something good comes along (make that GREAT) they would be thankful and embrace it but they would rather embrace Pdiddy, justin timberlake, Kevin Federline and so many others who not only do they have the voice that Clay does, they don;t have the morals either. I don;t really care who likes him and who doesn't, my opinion is just that mine and it will never change no matter what media or critics say. Do they think we don't have minds of our own.

Shari said...

Hi, I am a 44 yr old with 2 kids from Colorado. I live in an upper class neighborhood and have an accounting degree. I have blonde hair and a my navel pierced. I have loved Clay from AI2. I love his voice and what he stands for.

I love to listen to all kinds of music. From Bon Jovi to Creed. But Clay is the one that gets to my heart. His voice is unbelievable. And to see him in concert is what as really suckered me in.

Anonymous said...

I am a 19 year old Receptionist from BC, Canada.

I don't like it when the Claymates get stereotyped as the teenyboppers or the blue haired ladies.

I have been a fan of Clay since he was on AI2. From the moment he stepped out for the auditions. I love everything about this guy: the fact that he is human and has flaws like all of us, the fact that he is a humanitarian, is funny, is adorable, has a great voice and most importantly his faith. It is so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hi there I am a 34 year old woman and I live in Christchurch New Zealand and I have loved Clay right from the start
I love all of this because I have made so meny friends and thats the best thing in the world
I do not work and I have special needs I have lurned a lot because of Clay and all the new things that I do on the computer I did not have a computer before Clay so he was the reason that I got one

nzclaynz said...

I love this! About time someone said it out loud.

I'm in my thirties and live in New Zealand. My ethnic background is a real mixture. English, Irish, Scots, Lebanese and NZ Maori. I have a Degree in Education; although I'm working in retail right now. I'm considering studying for my Masters degree.

My hair isn't blue - it's short and up to date and I like to colour my dark brown hair a rather vibrant violet-red. I don't walk around with a bucket of KFC under my arm either - I like Italian and Asian food. But I do have a weakness for chocolate...

I adore Clay Aiken - but I dont' worship him. I'm one of those who'd take him to bed if I could... hey I figure if we're being honest then why not just say it? *shrugs and smirks*

I fell in love with the voice and then the man. And the hair is definitely good too.*g* I admire his intelligence, his sense of humour, his humility and his humanity. I like that he has a temper and he's bossy. That shows passion... He's easy on the eyes with those gorgeous green eyes, long lashes, freckles and lovely mouth. That smile of his is to die for.

That voice cannot be denied. No other singer has captured my imgination the way Clay's has. This new CD has showcased it beautifully. I know there's lots more to come and I'm excited for the future for all of us.

Society always has to label us. Especially older women - are we really supposed to act like demure old ladies when we hit forty? God, I hope not, otherwise I'm staying this age forever.

teresa said...

I am a 41 year old mother of two. I work in retail. I have loved Clay from the beginning. What's really great is I share him with my 14 year old daughter and her friends, and my 19 year old cousin.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I'm 45 and I teach high school history. No blue hair for me yet...although I do admit to adding some highlights. I've only been to four concerts. I do not own multiple copies of Clay's CD's. I have been happily married for almost 25 years to the same man and have two wonderful children; one who is grown and a high school senior. I have formed some great cyber friendships while following this singer. He feels like a member of my family. He's so real. I love the way he loves his mother, his grandmother, etc. I love the fact that he is an educator like me. And he's just such a funny personality! I love the way he uses his celebrity to make a difference!

But beyond all of that...he sings like no other on the planet. His voice makes me melt.

And I just love his new hairstyle! He radiates joy.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome blog. I hate stereotypes! They are dehumanizing and dangerous.

I'm a 39 year old female from New Zealand. I taught high school for a few years, but now work in an art gallery. I have been involved in classical music for over 30 years but am primarily a rock fan.

Clay's fanbase is incredibly diverse. We have widely varying tastes and opinions. Pretty much the only thing that all of Clay's fans agree on is that he is a good man with a beautiful voice.

I am addicted to Clay's voice - can't get enough of it! It affects me in a way no one else's ever has. There's just something magical about him.

Anonymous said...

Ha!Great! Let's see. I'm 21,single,Asian and medical student.Nothing in common with Blue hair quote except the love for him.
My best friend also loves him, so that makes two of us.
We are the good example for "We came for the voice, we stay for the man."

Anonymous said...

I am 64 years old. I manage a CPA office and have for 30 years. Before that I was in banking. I consider myself fairly intelligent and am attracted to intelligent people. I was a widow for 4 years when Clay Aiken appeared on American Idol in an audition. I was having a really hard time with the grieving process. I saw this skinny, southern boy and heard that wonderful voice and I was hooked. That was the beginning. I watched faithfully every week and fell more and more in love with this charismatic, warm gentlemen.

Now here we are, four years later. I have attended as many concerts as I can, support his foundation, become involved in UNICEF, and the world. Clay made me see that to deal with my grief, I needed to do something for someone else. He put life, back into my life. He is an amazing singer and performer, but a wonderful human being. He is an honest person. What you see is what you get. He tries to please, without comprimising his very strong values. I am tired of being berated for being a ClayMate. I am so proud to be in the Clay Nation. I appeal to the industry to grow up. Clay is a REAL Talent, with real fans, that support him full out.

Anonymous said...

I’m a 40-something owner of a multi-million dollar business. The stress of work has caused my hair to gray prematurely, and I have my stylist match my natural colour, which is NOT the same as Marge Simpson’s. I’m one of those who stayed for the voice. My 70-something, dark-haired mother, gray-haired father, and 10-year-old auburn-haired niece also are huge fans. Of course, mom, niece and I think he’s just adorable. Dad pretty much just likes the voice. I can get as fangirly as the best of them when it comes to concerts and such, but I’ve never phoned or e-mailed radio stations or “news” columnists on Clay’s behalf, and I have no delusions of leaving my husband for him. In other words, I’m quite normal. ;)

debak said...

What a great blog. It is not so much who we are but the difference we are making because of Clay. Did you know we rally to support Unicef, Toy's for tots, Clay's foundation to help make a difference. Yes, we because of Clay are making a difference for you, your friends your family and people you don't even know. We have come to make a difference and what is wrong with that. Some of the fans clubs are very involved with helping families, etc in there areas.
My experience I have been to hundreds of concerts been there done all that so I know from experience and most of us do that Clay just happens to be the best performer out there. He has stage presense, humor, snarkiness, and he shares his stage with fans, and his backup singers.
His voice is amazing best I have ever heard and yes I have been there for Elvis, Elton John, and many others. Clay can use his voice without all the toning crap they have to use on all the others out there, the cookie cutters they give us or try to give us. Clay can sing, and we can understand his words what a treat that is.
Funny, these people don't talk bad about sports what about all the body painting from the sports fans??? Well, we are waiting for an answer?? Because we care about the world we get trashed how sad, how very, very sad. We have been feed with such trash in the music industry that it is time we had someone that can sing.
As for Clay his voice is GOLDEN, but his heart is PURE DIAMOND.
We have money and vacation time and we intend to support Clay no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I am a female in my 40's and I loved Clay Aiken from the beginning. He's opened a whole new world to me. I travel from Canada to the U.S. whenever I can to see him perform an meet other fans. I have an accounting background, live in Eastern Canada, I am married, and have 2 teenage boys. Clay Aiken quite simply took my contentment with life and turned it into euphoria and if that's wrong so be it. People who say to me...Oh for God's Sake, he's a 28 year old pop star, get a life. I respond with...If I had any more of a life I'd explode Thank You Very Much.

Jill said...

I'm almost 20, and a sophomore in college. I like all kinds of music, including hard rock, alternative, and some pop. I love Clay's voice and there is no other voice on the scene now that compares. My 23 year old cousin loves him too! Oh, my mother also likes him!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! Loved it! So true! Yeah, what about those crazy sports nuts???? At least we don't sit in the stands 1/2 nekkid with paint all over our bodies!! (NASCAR fans are giving us a run for our money, lately!) LOL I am a female, mid 50's, who also yearned for the magnificence of good music, a great voice and got it with Clay! I have always been a 'sucker' for a fantastic crooner and love songs and Clay is the best of the best. I think it is a plus for Clay to have fans of ALL types. Some performers only reach one-type of fan and I think that is sad. They do not venture outside their little world. Clay can vocalize all genres of music (just hope he doesn't try rap or hip/hop!! LOL) and I hope eventually all people will get to hear how incredibly versatile Clay
is. His JBT should of been recorded and put on DVD. Brilliant performances. Clay, we love you, and can't wait to see how far you can really go!

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for starting this blog. It's about time someone did.

I am a 26 yr. old female and I consider myself very intelligent thank you. I am a professional dancer and a member of the New York City Radio City Music Hall Rocketts. The naysayers who would lump all Clay Aiken fans into one category really don't have a clue do they? There are many many in the "industry" here in NYC, many are dancers on Broadway and we like to think of ourselves as a family ourselves. But we are also fans of Clay Aiken! His voice is amazing and soothes the soul and we adore him. So put that in your pipe you uneducated men who would like to paint Clay Aiken fans as a bunch of old ladies, not that there is anything wrong with ANY age who loves this singer. My aunt adores him, even my Dad, an attorney really enjoys his music and plays his CD in his offices. I am considered a "city girl" and what people seem to think that means, and they are usually wrong. I like good music and Clay Aiken provides it for me. I have only been to 2 concerts and NO I do not buy tons of his CD's. I do buy them when the fans do a charity drive or our CD for the Troops project, but for myself, I usually buy 2, one for home and one for our workout room. Upsets me that people seem to think they know who Clay's fan base really is.
I have chatted with some extremely talented and professional women and men who enjoy him, and radio stations? We are the ones who buy what you advertise so time to get off your high horse and cater to US as we are the ones who spend the money!

Terri said...

WOW! Reading all these blogs makes me proud to be a part of the "Clay Nation". I am still in my 40's, have raised 3 sons...1 college graduate, 1 almost finished and one just starting. They are all musicians, and all agree with me that it's nice to hear a singer that can really sing, not the studio enhanced version of a singer. I work at a University and absolutely love it. People don't get that not only is Clay an incredible singer, he's an incredible person. Thanks for this Blog!

Anonymous said...

I am a 25 year old, burnett, college grad, married, Mother of two. I work with my Mother who ownes her own business. I never watched AI so was not familiar with Clay Aiken, till my Mother exposed him to me. She is a huge fan and loves Clay. Sad to admit but it took me a while, but I finally "Got It", I don't knowe what the IT is but it is definately there. There is something about this man that just seems to take you breath away, not just the voice (which is truly amazing) and even though the Total Packing is stunning and just plain respectful and something to be admired. It's outside the package I think that blows me away. The person he is and the amazing ability he has to make others want to be better people and reach out to the less fortunate. He is my role model and represents what I want my own children to be like. The lack of respect and love in this world is sad and Mr. Aiken is doing a wonderful job of bringing back values, manners and that sex and gossip does not rule the music business or our lives. He has given control back to us, and I intend on using mine. His fans comes in all sizes, shapes, ages,sex,colors, opinions and religions. He has awoken a vast silent majority and we are not crazy fans just awake ones now, with our eyes wide open and looking to the future. Thank you Clay you have earned our love and respect and shown the world what a real Man is suppose to be. I can not imagine one day in my life without hearing your beautiful voice. I admit I listen to lots of different music, some I am almost ashamed to say but never the less I do. But there is only one voice that makes me happy and feels my heart and thats Clay.

Trinity_Destler said...

I'm 18, female and I hail from Ontario, Canada.
As can be seen, I am in that "sweet demographic" that the media would have you believe doesn't give Clay the time of day. I've been on board since the very beginning of this ride and a number of my friends were, too; they're also 17 or 18. I am very, very tired of the media and their unfairness towards us and towards Clay, it seems people only ever hear the bad things, never about our charity work or our support network. Perhaps if those stories were told, we could lead change some narrow perceptions and do a lot more good.

MyBusiness said...

Female, red hair and freckles. Systems analyst, liberal and tolerant. Believe in the Golden Rule. Consider age a label. Your as young as you feel and as old as you act.

B Smith, Colorado said...

Love your true!! I'm a 68 year old grandmother...I dye my hair(not blue). I have an expensive cd player and drawer full of all kinds of cd's that I never listened to when I first heard that wonderful voice on AI. Guess my story isn't that different from thousands of others so I won't go into that. I love Clay and all of his music and have enjoyed being a Claymate and a small part of the Claynation. I enjoy going with my daughter to concerts and visiting with other Clay fans online. It's a fun fandom to be in. I don't consider myself any more obsessed with being a Clay fan than my husband is with sports. We watch different televisions because he only watches whatever sporting event happens to be on and even switches back and forth if there is more than one. I don't really understand the fascination, but I respect his right to enjoy whatever he chooses and he respects my right to be a fan of Clay's, and we're both happy. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings. I believe in everything you said, and I love Clay's new cd A Thousand Different Ways!

Anonymous said...

I am a former special ed teacher who admires Clay for not only his voice but also his intellingence, humor, humility, caring and compassion. He is a man who does what he says; there is noting pretensious or phony about him. He is also a great role model. I care and respect Clay and enjoy his music and totally support him. There are very few people in the music business today who measure up to Clay. I am a mature woman with grown kids, and my husband also is a Clay Fan. Clay is a breath of fresh air in the music business which we have just about given up on, until we found Clay.
He brings us joy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 42 year old homeschooling mom and pastor's wife! I have enjoyed Clay's music so much and have seen him live three times. For some reason, God used Clay's music and AI story to bless me and help me through a very low point in my life. My husband puts up with my Clay interest with good humor. My husband and I sang "You're Still the One" together with Clay for our 18th anniversary! (from the audience, not on stage) We were in the second row of his concert at the Minnesota State Fair.
I'm enjoying reading about the diversity of Clay's fans :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog!! My wife suggested that I post a comment here, and I pretty much do as she says.:) I'm a 46 year old straight (non-homophobic), Christian, animal loving, nature loving, music loving male who enjoys ALL types of music.

I'm a college graduate with a six figure income, 2 beautiful children and a lovely wife. Our entire family loves Clay Aiken! BTW, my blue-haired 76 year old mother (God love her) also loves Clay! You see, with us, it's a family affair.

What is there NOT to love about this fine young man who can sing circles around anyone else out there right now? He's a God fearing, family loving, humanitarian who cares about people and who wants to use his celebrity to make a difference in the world. I say praise the Lord for that. It's about time!

We (as a family and a part of the CA fandom) are sick and tired of the way in which Clay and his fans are being treated by the so-called 'professionals' in the music industry. We're also sick and tired of the way Clay's fans are being portrayed by the media. It's time for the world to take notice... Clay fans are just as unique and diverse as the world in which we live in. They are NO different than any other fan base, for the most part.

We (as a family) have seen Clay on two different occasions and he was fantastic! My wife and I have attended many, many concerts together and we've never been as completely entertained as we were by Mr. Aiken. We've been fans of his from day one and we will always be fans of his. He is a kind, caring, gifted, intelligent and talented man, who deserves some respect. He certainly hasn't had an easy time of things being a 'celebrity' and hopefully that will change over time, as he deserves so much better. Our family wishes that spectacular young man well.

kerribeary said...

Hey! I'm 32, a single female, and I have Dark Auburn hair. I am a self-employed small business owner who never had much time for fun until Clay came along. I have made new friends and experienced new things, traveled to new places(16 Clay concerts in 9 different states), and I have thouroughly enjoyed THE VOICE the entire time.

Donna said...

A message to carylann:

I don't have to insult other artists to prove my loyalty to Clay.

Truth is, you have no idea about the morals of Justin Timberlake, Diddy or Kevin Federline.

Unless you believe tabloid gossip. You don't believe tabloid gossip do you carylann?

I didn't think so.

You know, I love Clay's voice always; his musical choices, only occasionally . But I choose to support him anyway, because I want to hear him sing.

And that's my right. And I like other artists, and that includes Justin Timberlake, who rocks the dance music.

The purpose of this blog is to bust the stereotypes, not feed them.

But if you really are one of those people who hates all other artists but Clay, I have to tell you to consider opening your mind, because you are missing a LOT of good music.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

Anonymous said...

Here to take back my identity!

33 year old single mother of twin teenage boys(one of whom was responsible for exposing me to ConcertClay and that turned me into a Claymate). My other son is multiply handicapped and admires Clay from a distance. Neither one of the boys will own up to being Clayfans anymore. It's not cool to like the same singer your mom likes I guess. I don't know what it is about Clay that draws me but I find myself flying across the country to see him in a mini concert and I have never been one to be that adventurous. I am planning trips to see Clay and meet up with other Clayfriends. I am having more fun than I have ever had in my life. I wouldn't change a thing about being a Claymate.

MJ said...

I am female, age 53, widowed and I live in NJ, where I own my own home.

I am a computer programmer for a large data processing firm. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, helping others, spending time with friends, decorating my house and travelling. I'm also very interested in Psychology (I majored in it in college).

I first saw Clay on American Idol, loved the voice and, when I discovered all the other great things about him, stayed for the man (and STILL the Voice).

Not only do I LOVE his voice, but I respect Clay for all that he stands for with regard to helping others!

He is a true humanitarian in EVERY sense of the word. The Bubel-Aiken Foundation has already done a lot to help to integrate those with disabilities into the mainstream.

He is also an Ambassador Of Education for UNICEF and has recently been appointed to a Presidential committee to help people with mental disabilities.

With all he has done and plans to do (he plans to go back to college to get his Masters Degree in Education), he is NOT your "typical" singer/celebrity at all. I don't know where he gets the energy to do all that he DOES do, in addition to his singing career!

As you can see, I DO have my own life that occupies quite a bit of my time and yes, I DO enjoy going to the Message Boards, watching Clay on TV, listening to his CDs and attending his concerts, but I don't think that makes me a "crazed fan" in ANY sense of the word!

mikenmoe41 said...

I'm a 50 year old mother and grandmother from Nova Scotia, Canada.
I love Clay because he makes me smile.. plain and simple.
He puts a song in my heart and in a day and age where depression and stress are the norm.. it's nice that someone can make people smile.

Anonymous said...

Ok my turn! I am 51. I fell into the Clay Nation over three years ago. I heard that voice and it stopped me in my tracks. Clay sings so beautifully and with a raw sexiness that is just unmatched. I think women like him because he is emotionally available to them through his expressiveness as a singer. He is intelligent, compassionate and funny as all get out. Women like those qualities in a man. He is a guy who really seems to like and respect women. What some people might not realize is just how much of a leader he is. He is a stand up guy and a typically stubborn male at times. LOL. I love that about him, too. I wish you could all come to a concert and see "teacher Clay" take charge of the "class". LOL

As far as who I am, I will just say that I am a conservative, Ohio Republican, Roman Catholic, stay-at-home mom with a couple of college degrees that make nice wall paper. LOL. One of the things that I have enjoyed about my partication as a fan is that I get to talk to people all over the world who are Clay fans. They are also of all ages, religions, ethnic and economic backgrounds. I talk with high school and college age girls, young women in their twenties with young children and all the way up to fans in their eighties. We hear all the time about how very young children respond to Clay and how even people who are in their nineties love Clay, too. He just appeals to everyone both vocally and as a person.

I hear from young college girls how they resent the media ignoring them. I totally applaud the blogger for challenging the stereotypes of who listens to what. I resent being labeled in such a negative way as though my coolness and taste in music are inversely connected to my age. I have really long blonde hair and not a trace of blue but so what if I did? I listen to all kinds of music, including stuff on the top 40 charts. My kids listen to all kinds of stuff that they share with me. Sometimes they listen to music that you would only think someone older listens to. Time for the music stereotypes to go away.

Anonymous said...

I am a middle aged Mortgage Banker Executive with red hair. I love Clay Aiken for his voice, his personality, and his sense of humor. I also am drawn to the fact that he has morals and goals, that he loves children and does everything in his power to help them. Someone who is appointed a UNICEF ambassador, spokesperson for Ronald McDonald and Toys for Tots, who starts his own foundation (Bubel Aiken foundation) for inclusion of children with disabilities together with children without disabilities - who was APPOINTED by the President to serve on a committee for People with Intellectual disabilities, who NEVER fails to acknowledge the handicapped at his concert, who goes out of his way to help others-
Clay and his fans raised a great deal of money for UNICEF this past year- and we continue to do so for other charities.
THIS is the role model that I choose to follow. Clay is articulate, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor. And the fantastic voice that is like no other.
I was at a low point in my life when I started to get on the boards, and follow and meet other Clay Aiken fans. Through him, and going to myriad concerts in the last few years, I have met other people who not only share my love for Clay, but share many other things in our personal lives. I am grateful to count some of these people as true friends. (and I have also exponentially increased my computer skills)
Because a lot of the "demographic" that people pigeonhole us in is able at this point to freely support our man Clay Aiken, I think that critics are uncomfortable with it.
I myself love many other musicians-Bon Jovi, Green Day, Blink 182, Evanescence, (and many other current day favorites) I love the rock bands- Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith,etc. I also like Andrea Bocelli, Sara Brightman, Pavarotti- so my musical tastes are varied. I do not listen to rap.

So there you have it. I totally support Clay in all his endeavors, both musical and philanthropic- and will continue to do so in spite of the mean spirited critics and haters.
If you do not like Clays music, so be it- everyone is entitled to their opinion. But do not spit vitriol and untruths about this man who has done so much in his short career- and one which I feel will last quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Message to Donna,

Why the need to berate another Clay fan because she doesn't like other musical artists?

Especially when insulting other artists isn't just limited to Clay's fan base. Visit the Taylor Hicks fans boards if you really want to read who is insulting Justin these days. Just visit the American Idol boards period especially during voting time. Visit Toby Keith's board to see how they insult the Dixie Chicks. Look at the Keith Urban board to see how they insult Kenny Chesney. Etc, etc, etc.

I am tired of Clay fans berating other Clay fans for behavior that is common in all fan groups regardless of who their favorite musical artists are.

Like you I do not feel the need to berate other musical artists to prove I am a Clay fan but can't help wondering if you have defended Clay so much on Justin's board when the Justin fans attacked Clay? It is just I don't recall seeing a Donna defending him during the recent battle for #1 in album sales. I also don't recall a Donna defending Justin and berating the Hick fans when the Taylor Hicks fans were in a outrage over the "can't carry a tune in a bucket." I do recall an Ash.

Make a statement on Justin's board or any artist's fan board that you don't like all his musical choices and fans will be all over you.

You said this blog is to burst stereotypes and that is true. So please stop trying to stereotype Clay fans as the only fan base that criticizes other musical artists or refuses to listen to other types of music. Because it isn't true.

You talk about your rights,well she has the right to her opinions as well. Just like me

mecs said...

I am 41 years young, an attorney, a mother of 4, an avid traveler both nationally and internationally, and a singer. I have a Mensa level IQ, dark blond hair, blue eyes and a wicked sense of humor. My husband (41 years young also) is also a Clay fan. As are our 3 daughters (ages 9, 6 and 6), who begged to go to several of his concerts and who urged me to vote for him on AI. My 19 month old son basically likes all music he can move to so it is not fair to include him! LOL! Clay is a great role model for my kids, because of the way he lives his life, and because he is proof that talent can take you places in this world if you persevere and don't give up!

katydid said...

I'm 30 and brunette, and appreciate good music, good people and good times and Clay embodies all three.

Anonymous said...

I'm a frosted blonde in my 50s who is having the time of her life flying all over the country to Clay concerts! (and enjoying the heck out of embarrassing my college-age children!) I am also a professional with my own business in addition to a full time job and a college degree or two. I am very fit, rarely watch anything on TV other than Clay appearances, the news and American Idol.I've met incredible new friends all over the States due to Clay, and correspond daily with a few of them. It is very fun to be the fan of somebody who is more than an extraordinary voice, but actually wants to use his God-given vocal talent to improve and change the world for others. Clay is a class act all around, and I count myself proud to be his fan.

PS-my hair will NEVER be blue, and you won't catch this fan parked in front of the TV pigging out on fast food-catch me if you can on my daily workout!

Anonymous said...

FIrst, thank you for this marvelous blog. It needs to be picked up by the press!
I don't know Justin Timberlake , etc but I do know that on Amazon there is a warning for his new CD (Explicit language). He may be a perfectly nice young man but we can only go on how he presents himself. And how Clay presents himself is part of why we appreciate him. I am a mathematics professor at a college. I have 4 grown children who are doctors , lawyers and teachers. My husband is a lawyer. We are intelligent professionals who appreciate Clay's class and integrity and of course his glorious voice. Been to 14 concerts and have tickets to two more for this Christmas. Seeing Clay perform live is electric. Try it, you'll like it!
I believe the man has pheromones that transcend space!

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. These past days, as I read the reviews on Clay's CD, which is mostly negative. I felt the annoyance and disappoinment. Even the rolling stone gave a 1 star. I keep listening to the CD in my car and I find it beautiful. I have favorites and not so favotites, but that is ok. You will not like all the songs in any singer's CD/album anyway. Anyway, here is what i feel right now.... since many people, especially the media doesn't like Clay, I will not care anymore. Who cares about those negative publicity. I like Clay's example to the youth and his voice as well. I'm a male, 30 years old and i'm proud to be a Clayfan with my other younger friends. Clay will survive and one day... I know... these media will embrace him, his talent and good works.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for saying everything thats been going on in our heads!

I am a 14 year old female. the first time i heard Clay was on the radio about christmas time 03' for christmas i bought his CD and instantly fell in love with his voice and how soothing it is to me. and how he looks at life and what he wants to do with his life.. help people. Make music. Teach. and thats right he is still teaching but his class room has just got a lot bigger. okay so i admit id like to tuck him into bed ^_~ lol but thats not the reason i like him hes sweet, funny, amazing, and caring. and a great role model. how can people bash us for looking up to him? why do they care if we idolize him and look to him as our hero? i dont know. We see what a great man he is..maybe some people dont. but we do and we support him for that.

and its not every day you see a celebrity with the letters w.w.j.d on there wrist. we get it why hes so great maybe some day the bashers will get it too..someday. but for now us claymates will stay united and they can keep bashing and well keep loving Clay. and they cant stop us. so quit wasting your time get something new to talk about.

and yeah ;) gotta love that hair =)

Anonymous said...

I'm a gay fan. Professional and have a stable job. Not ashamed to be a Clayfan because he is fantastic. I admire him because of his dedication to his work and fans. He is always polite during the interviews and always show to the public that he is happy. So what's the problem of these media people talking against us Clay fan and about out man Clay? They must be kidding.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog! As for myself, I'm in my early 50's---no "blue hair" yet! I work as a tenured faculty member who teaches psychology at a university. I also have a part-time private practice in which many of my clients have autism spectrum disorders. In my personal life, I'm happily married and the mother of four grown kids. And I'm a VERY enthusiastic fan of Clay Aiken! Initially I became hooked on his voice, which is so powerful, unique, and beautiful. As I learned more about Clay as a person, I became impressed by his intelligence, wit, kindness, decency, and passion for helping others. And it doesn't hurt that he's as cute as can be and gets better looking all the time. If all that makes me a "rabid Claymate," then I'm happy to admit that I'm guilty as charged! :)

lynne said...

Outstanding Blog!!!!!! I'm one of Clay's younger fans----younger at heart that is----fify four going on 22 thanks to Clay. You hit the nail on the head-----we have a right to whom we listen to and support and we also have the right to enjoy associating with those who feel as we do. Best of all we have a voice and bank accounts to use as desired. Thanks for saying it all so eloquently!!!! I'm in your ballpark. All I know is that this Clay Phenomena has given alot of people great joy--it is a win-win situation---great voice---great role model---endearing personality-----wonderful fan community-----what's wrong with that??????

Anonymous said...

I'm 51 and unfortunately I look every day of it. But Clay and all my Clay friends make me feel about 19!

Through Clay, and the ClayNation message boards, I've met 25 stellar women, all over 40, all who love clay and not in a motherly way if you catch my drift. We talk daily via the internet, like having coffee on the front porch, only our front porch is world wide.

I'm a retired hairdresser, motivational speaker, teacher, counselor and life coach.

Besides his voice, my favorite thing about Clay is is brain. That's what keeps me coming back for more -- his wit, his snark, and his smile.

Deidre said...

You've put into words what I've felt for a long time...I'm a 59year old New Zealander, married, one daughter and a grandson 6, with a granddaughter due Feb 2007.
I've got dark hair at present, but that could change, whatever takes my fancy.. to cover the grey!
I'm also a director of an International Food company, and spend a lot of time traveling. I came across Clay when I was flicking through the TV channels, looking for something to watch, my husband was away traveling, and I came across AI2. This rather awkward guy came out to sing and his voice just blew me away.. I had tears in my eyes and I have been hooked ever since. I been lucky to see him in one concert and last northern summer, the whole family enjoyed a vacation in North Carolina and enjoyed the southern hospitality.
I've learned more tolerance, and as long as Clay is around singing, I'll be around listening.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 26 year-old psychology student and child care provider, married, and hoping to start a family soon.

I have been a fan of Clay since that first note flew out of his mouth in that fateful AI2 audition.

My admiration for the man has grown stronger and stronger over the years as I've followed his music career and his philanthropic endeavors. I don't put Clay on a pedestal, I know he is just a human like the rest of us, who puts his pants on one leg at a time and all those other fitting metaphors. But there is A LOT of goodness in Clay, and so many reasons I admire him.

Most of all, I am thankful to Clay, as his influence in my life has made me a better person. We share so many common beliefs. And this fanship has brought so much joy to my life. I have met and become friends with some wonderful women, all through our common love for Clay.

This past year has been a very difficult one for my family, as my brother's mental illness and depression have brought about incredible hardships and many tears. The one bright spot in my life this year has been this fandom. The events like the cd release party here in Arizona, and the cd signing and mini-concert I was able to attend in L.A., have been the few things I've had to look forward to while the difficulty in finding help for my brother continues. If it weren't for the joy and happiness I experienced in sharing in the exciting events of the "Clay World" this year, I don't know how I would have managed all the sadness my family and I have endured throughout this trying time in our lives.

For me, that brilliant saying, "I came for THE VOICE, I stay for THE MAN," sums up my feelings about Clay exactly. I admire him for who he is what he represents, his voice is the icing on the cake. The icing is the sweetest part of the cake, and with my sweet tooth, it is the part of the cake I indulge in most often. :)

Tanya said...

Finally! Someone says it right with this blog! While I turn 52 next month, I resent being relegated to someone who is categorically unimportant. What about my age would make me or my opinion less significant?????? Frankly, media mongers, we have the opposite advantage: WISDOM. It was wisdom that told me from the beginning of AI2 that I was watching the beginning of an incredible career with this man and his VOICE. What a voice! I was captivated. The evolution of Clay's physical image along with his obvious vulnerability made an impact. I watched, spellbound, and I became---gasp!--a FAN. From there, I learned about other remarkable traits of Clay Aiken. Wow...he was different! He touched me with his devotion to intellectuals with disabilities, close to my heart because my son is autistic. His reverence for teaching made me smile--I teach middle school and love it. The spunky personality, which houses a dichotomy of snarky humor and innocence, intrigued me. His devotion to Jesus Christ and his desire to be a role model in his newfound celebrity, made me hopeful and joyful. All in all, all those incredible endearing traits, coupled with an undeniable sexuality (those eyes and those hands!) made me feel like a teenager in love. While I don't have ANY gray hair, much less blue, and my blond hair is created in my hairdresser's salon, I believe that age is a state of mind. And yes---I'd love to take Clay to bed. I don't care about the age difference there either!

SunflowerSD said...

I am a single 48 year old mom of two young adults, one with significant disabilities. I am an investigator and mediator for one of the largest urban school district in the US and I teach classes in the special education major at the university. I am a person of wide interests and abilities. I choose to be a fan of Clay Aiken because he represents much of what I believe in: family, faith, the value of friendship, and the value of each individual regardless of their abilitiy. He sings songs I can sing along to; he chooses music that does not glorify sex, violence, or contain language that demoralizes groups of individuals. He loves his mama!He attempts to lead a life that respects others and seems to ask for respect and privacy in exchange. I buy his CDs, I go to his concerts, I collect some memorabilia, I follow his career and I am PROUD to be his fan.

deborah said...

Great blog! I am 51, an artist and actress/director. I have also raised two amazing kids. Blue haired? give me a freaking break here!

Clay entered my life like a tornado on the ks prairie. i wasnt looking for it though i was pretty obsessed by the first season of American idol.

But from the second clay came on stage and sang at the audition he had my rapt attention. From his first performance i was then just "done in" by his voice. He ruled that show and each week it was just a joy to just sit back and watch and listen to his every song. His voice moved me in ways that i didnt know i could be moved any more!

My love of his voice drove me to do something i had never done before, and that was search more about him in his personal life. I wanted to know just who clay the person was! well, everything that i discovered and everything i keep discovering makes me love and appreciate this "southern crooner" even more.

SO what that i am an older female?!! Honey, i didnt cut my teeth on pat boone, quite the contrary. (though i did have an extreme monkee experience, but hells bells, i was only 12!) and you name the rock group of the time when i was younger, and i can promise you i was probably a fan. I love music. I always have! and very diverse styles of it too. It wouldnt be unusual for me in the day to go to an "emerson lake and palmer" concert (and barely remember it the next day if you get my drift. whistle whistle whistle) to going to see a touring concert of the Vienna boys choir the next week. (and no, i didnt make that up either!)

And lets not forget that the history of music and culture owes me and many of my clay mate fans a HUGE thank you for creating the world that we lived in, including the smug clay haters that think he is beneath their level and why they think its okay to take pot shots at both clay and his music, but even more so, us, the wonderful and diverse group of fans that make up the clay nation is beyond me. Like we cant see their faults? PLEASE!!!!!

They can hate us, they can even hate clay...but they are just biting off their nose to spite their face, because without us, they wouldnt have the basic structure from which they think they rule the world. or at least the little orbit world they build from their clouded judgment, over blown egos and self proclaimed righteousness that will leave them nothing but an empty bag of wind when "their" time passes them by.

So now i am a happy claymate and i just happen to find that doing so has made me way younger then my drivers lic. states i am. I may have parts of me that fit the rude and crude comments that the idiots like to speak about when they think they are being funny or informative with the way they describe me and my fellow clay fans, but I am much more then they could ever imagine and in fact, we are the nurturing part that created even yes, these ass wipes, thank you very much!

Because you see, i am actually a proud member of the usual silent majority that holds this country up! (and no, i am not just talking about the political right wing silent majorty, Oh heavens nooooo, trust me on that aspect!) But yet WE are the ones that mold and hold the families of this country together. We feed them, we dress them, we bandage their broken toes and hearts and often while also working full time jobs that many people depend on for all aspects of the American way of life!

We are supposed to be comic folly for TV sitcoms, or wrapped up in political images that often presents us as social buffoons. But mark my word, we are the reason the wheels get greased on a daily basis and the true idiots are the people that think its okay to take a sub culture of humanity and paint us as musical tin ears who should stay home baking cookies instead of actually having a life. And make no mistake about it, be our love for clay be based on nurturer or smut, we adore clay aiken in many more ways then just how he can sing pretty for us when given the chance!

Sure, the music industry doesnt know what to make of us. We take our claydom and we do with it what we do with any other aspect of our lives. We study it and find answers to make it better. now if the industry cant understand why, then they are even bigger idiots then i thought they are. but since i think they really appreciate the big pocket book we also bring with us at all times, i have a feeling that they will be the first to cry if we were to ever decide to go back into hiding and just did the family/world economy jobs again without supporting a class A talent. (which make no mistake about it, clay aiken is!)

So move over you speed bump over blown intellectual musical snobs, we are a force to be reckoned with. Snipe at us, and you will feel our sting. Or at least we have our ways to silently hurt you in places you dont want to be hurt. and trust me, you dont just not mess with mother nature!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog ! I am a very young 59 year old Pediatric High-Tech nurse.
My hair color changes frequently, because my daughter is a hairdressr. LOL I have never had blue hair, and really don't ever see that happening, unless it is for a special event, (halloween maybe.)

I am highly intelligent, and love music. I appreciate those artists, that can really sing and don't have to resort to shouting obsecenities, and crotch grabbing to sell a CD.

When I buy a CD, I want to be able to appreciate the beauty of the voice, that carries me out of my every day life, and takes me to a place filled with joyous delights. Clay Aiken does just this.

He delivers a song and makes you feel like he is really experiencing it emotionally.

He is one of the greatest singers ever. To experience him live in concert has been one of my greatest joys.

I have never before been a "groupie", but I freely admit to being a Clay Aiken "groupie".

I was a huge Beatle and Rolling Stone fan, and have been to one or two of their concerts, but nothing like this.

I think that because of the internet, we have been able to really feel connected to those stars who we enjoy, and also become part of a new family through the message boards. I have enjoyed this very much.

Of course there is also the down side of the internet, that allows the naysayers to spread their vileness around too.

I don't understand what makes someone actually enjoy this sickness, where they feel good about spreading lies, and trying to degrade another human being, and those who are fans of this said human being.

What is their mentality? Are they that unhappy with their own lives, that they want to drag everyone else down in their misery?

Are they jealous, and this is how they seek the "limelight", because they can't obtain notice any other way?

I am proud to be a Clay Aiken fan. He is someone who has been through may trials in his life, and still comes out smiling, and remains classy, by not reciprocating in any way.

He is definately my "idol". I adore his voice, his charm, his quirky ways. His integrity, his honesty, his thoughtfulness, all wrapped up in that gorgeous body, is why I will continue to be a Clay Aiken fan.

I wish him all the happiness he deserves in live, and thank him for all the joy he has brought to my life.

God has blessed us with Clay Aiken.

Angela said...

Awesome Blog!

I'm a 20 year old female who will be 21 this month. I'm from Buffalo NY! I'm 5'9" and plus size. I have dark brown hair which used to be dyed black. I used to have blue in my hair, as well as red and pink once too.

I have an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Music Business. I'm currently unemployed but I just went for an interview so I'm hoping I'll get the job. It will be working at a daycare center with the babies!!

I love all kinds of music From Clay and Kelly Clarkson to Linkin Park and Evanescence and everythin in between!

I'm an aspiring musician with the goal of being like Clay, A singer who is admired by all different kinds of people all over the world. I hope to make a difference not only with my voice but with the "power" you get as being a celebrity. That power to make a differnce in the world.

I LOVE CLAY AIKEN I'm a proud Claymate (#1755) and I will be "Always and Forever"...

Anonymous said...

I'm 16. I'm from North Jersey and I love musical theater, singing, performing, and Clay Aiken. I am not a fangirl. I am not a spaz. I enjoy his voice and I think he's incredibly attractive. No, I am not a loser. I have friends who I see every weekend. :) What now?

Anonymous said...

I am 38 year old female. I'm an artist and my favorite subject is Clay Aiken. He is beautiful, passionate, sweet and "sings like nobody else on this planet."

My goodness, it's beyond me how anyone can not see what a beautiful, tender soul he is. It's in his face.

I'm proud to be a member of the Clay Nation. We are a diverse group and there's fighting and some days I get so annoyed I want to scream but I wouldn't trade it for anything because we've stuck together through thick and thin and we all want the same thing--Clay singing to us and we'll do whatever it takes to help him keep doing that.

floridabelle said...

Exceptional Blog!

I'm a 57 year old (next month)blond female (except for the silver I've earned along the way). I'm an Admin. Asst. for a major mortgage co.

I've loved Clay since the beginning and will continue to do so. No one can take that away from me or make me feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed. It's an honor to be his fan and he was well worth the wait!

It started with the VOICE, but there is so much more to Clay to love as expressed ^^^^ and no doubt, with future posts here.

Thank you for this blog.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog! I am 48, live in New England, co-direct a very complex, multi-faceted senior citizens center, write for women's spirituality magazines, volunteer for a number of organizations (mostly related to women's issues), have been a punk poetess in New York City, and am a lifelong feminist. I absolutely agree with you that much of the anti-Claymate rhetoric is based on untrue, outdated, ignorant attitudes about older women (who are actually quite powerful and wise people). My other favorite musicians are Patti Smith and a Tibetan Buddhist nun named Choying Drolma who writes and sings Buddhist chants. I am a supporter of Clay because I find his voice and artistry inspiring, I respect him tremendously as a human being, and I think the world is a better place because his "voice," in all meanings of the word, is in it and I want to do what I can to make sure he keeps using it.

Debbie said...

I'm female, 49, living in Buffalo, NY. What I love about Clay is first his voice. To be able to listen to an artist and not hear screaming or see crotch grabbing brings back the err of music when singers sang. It is rare now of days to see young people care about more then themselves. Clay cares about people. Its this caring that make people love him. Clay might never hit big numbers on the charts, or get the radio play he deserves. But Clay will be a round for a long long time. He has what others don't have. And that is Heart. And a voice that will last through the centuries.

Lynne said...

Ok, couldn't resist adding my 2 cents to the lot. Just loved your blog!!!! Very articulate and apropos. Add me to the list of 50ish fans going on 22. We definately have a right to listen to and support whomever we wish. Not only do we enjoy Clay's talent, but appreciate that he is a great role model and has a wonderful personality. We enjoy meeting and socializing with other fans who feel as we do. What's the big deal???? We speak out and speak with our wallets----our prerogative!!! Now if we are offending some-----sorry about that------Getting too old to let others opinions sway me. Mr. Aiken has brightened and inspired a bunch of lives----that's a Good Thing!!!! Wish there were more like him. Call me what you will---that won't change how I feel about Clay and those who support him. Thanks again for telling it like it is!!!!

Lori said...

I'm female, I'm 50, I am a paralegal by profession and I love Clay Aiken and thank him for sharing his talent and other "ass"ets with his fans!!

Anonymous said...

The only blue on my person is the color of my eyes. I am a fifty year old woman who keeps very busy as a Reading Specialist, a Reading First Coach, a trainer of teachers for the state of California, a professional development trainer for teachers, a ballet teacher for under-privileged children, a quilter, a mother of two sons in college, and a happily married wife of 28 years. With all the running around I do, I choose my passions carefully. And, I am proud to admit that Clay Aiken has become one of my passions. I love his voice, his character, his wit, his actions and good deeds, and his music. I actually chuckle when I read media comments that stereotype his fans as I so know that is not true. If anything could serve to dispel those stereotypes, it would be the wonderful comments your blog has inspired!!! I so hope the critics are reading!

touchstone2 said...

What great stories you all have to share!

Your statements about Clay are so heartfelt and touching.

Your humor is wonderful!

Your righteous indignation is awesome!

Spread the word - let's get more fans to tell their stories, who they are, why they like Clay, and let's beat those stereotypes!


Anonymous said...

Ok here's my contribution to this wonderful blog. I'm 72, my daugher is 46 and my granddaughter is 5. We are all Clayverted - my daugher and I since AI when this kid walked out to be interviewed and opened his mouth to sing. My granddaughter has grown up listening to Clay Aiken's music and knows the lyrics to a lot of his songs. She has posters of him up on her bedroom wall. Our husbands enjoy Clay as well. We all attend concerts, meetups, planned a cd release party and follow Clay's wonderful examples in all his charitable endeavors such as UNICEF, his Bubel/Aiken Foundation for children with disabilities. Now, I am not blue haried either -white maybe, but I do have the spunk and enthusiasm to enjoy this fandom to the utmost and have met many, many great people along the way. I have been a realtor for 30 years and still going strong, a legal seretary for 32 years, am married to a great guy and have 2 married daughters and 2 grandchldren. I have worked for a former Governor of New Jersey, a Mayor of New York City and several judges in my life. I know how to make very rational decisions and, for the past 3 years, my best decision has been to be a Claymate. I intend to be here for Clay Aiken for the duration and do what all Claymates do - support and love this man for everything that he is and all that he gives to the world.

Anonymous said...

How can liking Clay and his music be threatening to these grown men? Is it because Clay makes them see how inadequate their little and narrow lives has been so far?

They thought that besmirching Clay will turn off his myriads of fans. When they realized their smear campaign didn't work, now they are denigrating his fans who support him. Looks to me like a desperate attempt to destroy the person who makes them see what fruitless and useless lives they have led so far.

Contrary to the stereotyping that I, as a Claymate, have unhappy life. I do not have blue hair although I think it's kind of neat. I am happily married for 39 years to the same man. I am a professional female making a six figure income. I have earned two Bachelors and a Master's Degree. I am well respected and considered an expert in my field. I have a very comfortable life. My children are professionals and are contributing members to society. I found Clay not because I was wanting some music in my life. I have them. My likes in music has always been eclectic. I love rock and roll, alternative rock, jazz, blues, reggae, Puccini, and oldies but goodies. I have those albums to show you. Although I can not abide rap or too much vocalizing when a simple note would do, I enjoyed hip hop when it first came into the music scene. The later metamorphosis of these sounds turned me off completely. The violence and preoccupation with sex became too much for me. Self absorption became the norm for these performers.

In reality, I think Clay found me. I heard his voice on TV and he took my breath away. I have never felt that way before towards a voice. I was mesmerized by that voice. He is a magnet. That personality reached out to me from my TV screen. He is magic. He shook my comfortable world. I was intrigued. I read more about him. I liked what I learned about this young man. He says he wants to make a difference. He talked about it, then by golly, he followed through with actions and worked his fanny off to make it happen. He actually walked the talk. He is reachable, he is human with perfect imperfections.

He reamined true to this promise. He has character, he has integrity and he showed me that perseverance does work. This young man is indeed a teacher. He taught me to expand my horizon. He reached out for me. And I am here to support his every endeavors. Not to worry, I can afford it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 20 yr. old medical clerk. Studied Sports Science at the University of the Philippines. I consider myself a atrist. Music is my life. I love different kinds of music.. from country to broadway.. pop to R&B.. alternative to rock.
Singing and Fencing (and my Faith) are the only things I've always been passionate about.. until Clay came along and injected the importance of 'giving'. Because of the man, I have become a more caring and generous person. He inspires me to be a better Christian. I honestly never had an ulitimate dream before.. but now, with his example, I aspire to one day be able to make a difference in this restless world.. and be an inspiration to many.

It hasn't been long since I first saw Clay. Never knew him til that stunning performance on AI5. Never been to any of his concerts. I don't collect memorbilias. Neither do I doodle his name on my workpad. But I do admire the man a lot. Yes, I came for the voice and stayed for the man. His amazing talent is one thing.. but he's also such a beautiful soul. and that heart... is undoubtingly pure.

Clay is blessed. And he makes sure he shares this with others. We choose to support him and his good deeds. And we absolutely know that there will always be oppositions. We can't make everybody like us.. or Clay, for that matter. But these harsh words keep raining on us and we hurt (I know I do). I just hope these people would leave us be.

Thanks for the blog! It speaks for many of us, if not all..

satscout said...

I am 36 - ok 37 in a few days - and I won my first Clay CD on the radio. Back when the radio recognized what really constitutes good music, that is. My six year old is very high functioning but still on the autistic spectrum (pervasive developmental disorder), so I was interested right away after reading the liner. The voice captured me soon after. (So I guess that means I encountered the man by accident and stayed for the voice!)

Anonymous said...

I am not going to tell my age. It doesn't matter, nor should it matter! I am a fan of a lot of artists. I love singing, music and have very electic taste!

Demi Moore married a much younger man, Ashton Kutcher! Where was the outcry?

How old was Kevin Costner's last wife? Rod Stewart's?

Who gives a fuzzy rat's ass what a fan's age is? Really? Is it hurting anyone? I am a fan of Clay Aiken's. I shall remain a fan of Clay Aiken's. I shall continue to buy his CDs and go to any concert that I can. Why? Last time I checked, I am alive and breathing. I love to see the people of all ages enjoy themselves at his concerts!

Now, I am going to slip into my new purple dress. I have a fablous new red hat to go with it.

Darn, one of those pesky blue hairs is straying out of my hat!


christiana said...

I saw this on the fan club, so here I am. I guess I bust the stereotype cause I'm 20 and goth and people's eyes fall out when they find out I love Clay.

But I don't care. He has an aura that tells me he has a certain power. Hes beautiful, inside and out, and his voice is magical.

Those songs arent my favorites but his voice is so mesmerizing I play that cd all the time!

Clay may not know it, but he has his own angel. He should feel good about making this whole adventure into something fun and rewarding.

He will always prevail.

Anonymous said...

I'm 46, female, remarried, 3 kids (24,10 and 7). BS in Chemistry. MS in Civil Engineering. Put career on hold because two youngest have special needs. Thank you Clay for fighting the "good fight."

Anonymous said...

I work in a medical office with several people that range in age from 25 to 57. We all love Clay, both the voice and the man. I also belong to a local Clay Fan Club. Our members range from 16 to 75. It doesn't, and shouldn't, matter what age a fan is. We are a very diverse group of people that are all drawn to this amazing man. Our reasons are probably just as diverse as our ages, but we all love and support Clay with everything that's in us. We admire his strength of character, his integrity, his honesty, his very real desire to make a difference in this world. He makes us want to be better people, and has opened our eyes to things we weren't even aware of. He is using his voice for the betterment of other people's lives, and I for one am very grateful that he came into mine.

Princess of Power said...

Oh I love this! I am 26, female, married and I live in St. Louis. I am one of those fans that want to take Clay to bed. Ha. Respectfully of course. *g*

I swear like a sailor. A lady sailor of course. I am a graduate student. I have a wicked sense of humor and I love Clay. His music, his shoes, his rolled up shirt sleeves and his ability to make me travel across the country to see him.

I don't hide it but I don't rock out Clay earrings either. But it's fine if you do, that is just one of the many things that makes us all "enthusiastic" fans. Expressing your Clay love any way you want.

This fandom has given me a lot of friends, hilarious memories and a lot to blog about.

Whew. I feel better already!

Tammy said...

Let's see. Well, I'm a 17 year-old female. I am currently a student and I will continue to be one within the next 4 years of my life! I'm asian and I'm from Orange County, California. I don't have blue hair, but I DO love to experiment.

I love Clay because I truly think he has the best male voice. Some people may want to shoot me down for being a fan of his, but I'm more than proud to say I'm a card-carrying Claymate. True, there are some smooth crooners out there, but none of them come even close compared to Clay. He's just the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I'm 60 years old - blonde (not grey), 5'9" 140 lbs. I work for a Bank, I'm French-Dutch-Irish - I have grown up in California and loved the Beatles and the Beach Boys - but they don't hold a candle to Clay Aiken. I have never been a "fan" of anyone, but I became a fan of Clay's when I first saw him on American Idol. I first fell in love with his voice, and then his personality. I love this man and respect what he has and will do for the disabled. He is a magnificent singer - and he doesn't look bad either!!!I'm not blind or deaf "yet" and what I see and hear from this gorgeous hunk of man keeps me walking without a cane!

Anonymous said...

Well, I fit the mold. I'm 36, a full-time stay at home mom of two who happens to love the voice, the man and the whole package. He's "hometown boy who made it big" and he makes those of us from small Southern towns proud. The boy can sing--bottom line. He can do justice to "Row, row, row your boat..." He's adorable. He's personable. He's the geeky crush you had in school but would've never admitted to. He's precious. He's a mama's dream and a middle-aged woman's fantasy. He's good stuff. He's a good boy. Why can't they just leave him alone and let him enjoy his 15 minutes of fame? Let's make sure he gets 15 minutes more.
Cindy loves Clay from Central VA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Blog. Yes, I'm one of the middle aged fans who adore Clay's voice, face, personality and charm. I'm a Special Education teacher and more conservative than liberal. I have money to spend and prefer to spend it on anything Clay. The bigotry of the critics, tabloids and others would not be tolerated if Clay were an ethnic or racial minority. It would not be tolerated if so many of his fans were not middle-aged white females. This new bigotry is not only hurtful it borders on hate. We have done nothing to hurt the sales of media favorites. We just want to enjoy Clay. We want the bigotry to stop. Thank you

Anonymous said...

My actual age is 49, but I am once again reliving my teen years thanks to Clay. Since first seeing him on American Idol, I have made tons of new friends, traveled all over the country (and plan to travel internationally if he tours overseas), donated time and money to the charities he is involved with, and had the time of my life. And my life was not boring by any means before Clay. I ran a successful business for years, then took a year off to "find myself". Instead, I found Clay. And I found out that I wanted to be the kind of person he is, someone who goes my own way despite what others think, someone who cares about making a difference in the world, someone who finds joy in the simple things of life. Being a fan has enriched my life so much. I have started a whole new career working for an agency that finds homes and jobs for persons with intellectual disabilities, helping them be independent--I love what I do. And I love Clay Aiken and his beautiful voice. Who he is as a person just shines through all the crap flung at him--he continues to persevere. I admire him alot and I am proud to be a card-carrying member of this amazing Claynation.

Oh, almost forgot to add that Mr. Aiken, with his freckles, green eyes, shiny hair, and cute grin is VERY easy on the eyes. =)

laljeterfan said...

I'm a 45 year old married mother with a 13 year old son. I have a BS in Social Work and I'm a Medicaid Specialist. My two life-long passions have been music and sports.(Can't DO either one of them, but truly appreciate people who can!) Prior to discovering Clay, my best friend and I took yearly "girl's only" vacations that usually involved our favorite athlete/sports team. (Andre Agassi, NY Yankees) I'm thinking that most guys would have been impressed by our enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, sports. When we discovered Clay, however, HE became the focus of our yearly trips. We've seen him 24 times now, with plans for 4 of the Christmas concerts. Those who have a problem with Clay and his fans (usually, but not exclusively, men!) and those who just like to spread their ugliness and hatred around, are very SMALL people- in every sense of the word! I refuse to allow them to bring me down with their words and their lies, because they are inconsequential. Clay is a mad-talented,funny, charming, intelligent, socially conscious MAN- and yeah, he makes me swoon!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I saw it linked on the CB and had to post. I get tired of people assuming we're all the same. I don't fit the stereotype that the press and even some other fans have of "Claymates." I'm a liberal Democrat, a healthcare professional, a political activist, a vegetarian, and a lesbian. I usually prefer alternative music, but I love Clay's voice and admire his humanitarian work.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that it has come to this. Why do you have to defend yourselves? You are accomplished, multi-faceted, multi-cultural, diverse women. Its makes no difference whether your hair is blonde, blue, brown, grey, black, red, purple, green or whether you're 18 or 80. Society's double standards have caused the blog author to spend valuable time setting up a place for all of you to waste energy justifying why you are a fan of Clays'. Life is too short Ladies. You don't owe anyone anything, especially, the media, people you don't even know. Instead focus on this bond that is so clearly shown in your comments. Don't let the media accomplish its mission to divide and conquer. Stay true to yourselves and united to and with the one thing that brought all of you together in the first place: Clay. Nothing else matters. Why is personal and should only be shared if you choose to do so. I have yet to see him live and I do hope that will change very soon. In the meantime, I will say, more than anything that I look forward to and welcome the opportunity to meet the exceptional women that make up the Claynation. God Bless you all. Have a Heavenly Day.