Friday, October 13, 2006

TV Guide Channel Presents: Clay Aiken - Up Close

Next up in the brilliantly conceived promotional campaign for his fabulously beautiful CD, A Thousand Different Ways... a TV Guide Close Up special.

(That's snark by the way, about the promotion anyway; the part about the CD is truth. What? You don't think it's fabulously beautiful? Well, that's another blog.)

The TV Guide network is airing an hour long program next weekend called "Clay Aiken: Close Up." They say it includes a "whole new sit down interview" and the promo footage shows some as yet unseen video of Clay at his last TV Guide cover shoot. That would be the one that brought us this most swoon-worthy photo.

But some who viewed their Kelly Clarkson Close Up said it contained some non-flattering commentary by some alleged "comedians" and tabloid types. You know what? I have no desire to see anything like that. I get enough crap and lies just by watching the nightly news, know what I mean? For that reason, I am not going to get all fluttery and say this one is "must see Clay TV!!"

Instead, like a good Clay fan, I will withhold judgement until I see it with my own eyes.

Eyes wide open.

But, if it's craptastic, I vow NOT to write TV Guide and tell them what meanies they are, that they owed him more since he helped sell so many magazines for them. No, I will not do that. Why? Not because they are not meanies, but because it's what they expect, it's what they WANT. I'm not playing.

However, if it's a nice retrospective of his career up to now, I WILL write to them and sing their praises and thank them profusely. From the bottom of my Clay lovin' heart. I may send them cookies even.

I resolved long ago to always focus my karmic energy and personal power on the positive, and to ignore the negative. Because goodness and humor and positive energy deserve to be recognized. Positive energy begets positive energy.

And the meanies, who crave the attention their negative energy pathetically begs for, deserve to be IGNORED. Because they are nothing to me, and not worthy of my time nor my energy.

Here's the link, which is actually quite cute. That Clay, he is such a motor mouth. And his feet are freakin' huge man!

Clay on TV Guide - Close Up

What do you think about the promo, will you be watching, and if the program is good, will you make a promise to write TV Guide and thank them?

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InClaysHeart said...

Yeah, i totally agree with you and encourage you in writing this blog! Tabloids dont know who we are, they dont understand this whole passion for Clay and never will, because they dont want to. how can people just do it on purpose to block themselves from all the love and tenderness that Clay can bring to the world? they are just so focused on what bad things they may say next that they just dont realize we dont care and it will never change who we are and what we like! and they dont know what they lose by choosing to ignore Clay's big talent! they are passing by one of the best singers of our time without even knowing it!
anyways, i love Clay, so i do consider myself a Claymate! and what other people say will never affect my appreciation of Clay! Way to go Sexy Bangs!! i love you!!
and the preview was WONDERFUL!! thanks TV guide for bringing this to us!! i cant wait till next week!!

Wendy (alias InClaysHeart)

Delta said...

Well if TV Guide takes a potshot at Clay I'll just turn it off.

But I have to watch! Because it's Claaaay!

And if it's good, I promise to write them a thank you note!

Tahnks for the inspiration!