Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Lame Excuse for News in Greensboro

Well, crap.

I was going to make this blog a retrospective of the past year; the ups and downs, the surprise media dynamo that was the appearance of Clay on AI5, the two new CDs we got this year, the warm and fuzzy visit to the Tyra Banks show, the UNICEF snowflake lighting ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel and the CD signing, the TV Guide close up special, Clay's appointment to a presidential committee, his being named Outstanding Young Alumnus of UNC Charlotte and maybe even his part in raising $1 million for David Foster's Annual Charity Gala.

But nooooo.

The Fox TV station in Greensboro NC has ruined my plans and compelled me to use my voice. The set up - Clay performed his 18th concert in 23 days last Saturday night in what was billed as "Clay Aiken Christmas with the Greensboro Symphony."

Apparently, a teenager named Joshua and possibly some others were told they could sing with or before Clay Saturday night. They even rehearsed for this performance. This fact was not publicized, nor was any fan I know aware of it. I have to wonder if Clay was even aware. Shortly before showtime, their performance was cancelled, reportedly due to either the content (not Christmas music) or time limitations.

According to Fox, "As a consolation, Joshua was allowed to sing 30 seconds leading a group sing-along. He also got to go backstage to meet and get a picture with Clay." Also according to Fox, Clay's "people" cancelled the extra performances because Clay wanted to do a longer set. This is a lie, as his set for this show was exactly the same as the other 17 shows. Fact checker please!

If this did happen, it's unfortunate for those involved, but hey, that's show biz, kids!

I'm sorry Joshua and his compadres didn't get to sing for Mama. But here's my issue - the fact that Greensboro's Fox station considers this kid's whining to be not only a "controversy," but actual NEWS.

Hello! On what planet is this news? Oh yeah...Planet Fox, home of the upcoming 6th season of American Idol, that's what planet! According to UPI, the Fox network is floundering, and eagerly awaits the return of American Idol to bolster it's poor ratings.

You know, Clay can't step outside his door without having some sh*t storm swirl around him. It's so freaking ridiculous, you just have to laugh!

These idiots in the media who have to create news where there is none for the sole purpose of bashing Clay - do you think they even realize how petty, small minded, and ignorant they seem? Somehow, I think not.

But I'm quite sure they know what I have known since the beginning - the man just has to show up and the kleig lights go on, the music starts and the hubbub and brouhaha begins! Clay's a diva! Clay's snotty! Clay's mean! He's the antiChrist, didn't you know? Some podunk weekly paper in Charlotte even recently blamed the fall of western civilization on him....I mean, seriously.

Delusional much? I laughed myself silly when I read that!

Why doesn't anyone ever call them on their inane articles? Where are the editors? Why do the fans have to rise up in defense of Clay, when instead they should be calling these alleged "news organizations" out for their misuse of the media, our time and their own energy?

Let me debunk a Claymate myth. As a Claymate, it's not my responsibility to defend Clay against the media bullies. He has an entire staff of well paid management and publicity people to defend him, and he's perfectly capable of defending himself as well.

The replies posted in response to these ignorant missives are always along the lines of "Clay wouldn't do that, or say that, he loves kids! He's a humanitarian! He's a good guy!"

Please. Frankly, none of that matters to anyone but us. No one cares that Clay is a UNICEF ambassador, the head of his own foundation, or even that he has sold millions of albums. Listen carefully:

They only care that he is rich, and famous, and a huge pop culture icon, and has legions of fans who love him unconditionally, and all in such a short time....and they resent him for it, because he is, after all, just a regular guy, and yet he has it all, and they have nothing. They don't understand, and it scares them. Fear of the unknown. And they strike out in fear, with words of hate, and jealousy, and ignorance.

I'm debunking another myth, are you ready? I feel my personal role, as a Claymate, is to support him, not defend him.

I will support him, because I feel he is worthy of my time and energy. It's my choice. I'll support whomever I choose, and no media lackey with no hope of ever winning the Pulitzer is going to shame me into withdrawing that support. To think otherwise is delusional on their part.

I will support him by laughing, in public when warranted, at the petty, hipper-than-thou, lazy wannabe writers who think Clay is so famous, so important, so worthy an adversary as to spend their time and energy bashing him. I will tell them, when it strikes my fancy, how uninformed they appear, how small minded and whiny their words sound.

I will let them now how insignificant they are, in the big picture.

I will advise them to choose their words more carefully, for it's their words that reflect their intelligence, their self-awareness and how evolved they appear to the public. Or not.

Can you imagine how hilarious it would be, to read some soporific rant by some nobody, and see a bunch of replies of people laughing at the writer? Glorious! I will laugh at them and they will know their words have no affect on me, my life, or my support of Clay Aiken.

They are nothing to me, but my free will and freedom to support any artist I choose is everything.

So, if you happen across one of those petty little whiny articles about how Clay is the cause of the downfall of civilization, and you see a reply that looks like this:


Be sure to stop in and say hey! For it will be me.

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Carolina Clay said...


Right on! I was there, though I know nothing about this series of perceived events.

In talking with a couple of the musicians (with whom I play gigs throughout the year), I learned that the GSO was very impressed with Clay's professionalism, his friendly rapport with the orchestra, how much fun they had with him at the rehearsal, what a great guy he is, etc. I included some of this in my previous G'oro recap entry.

Thank goodness I was linked to your blog via a CA fan's comment in the journals that continue to sprout at the Fox WGHP web site.

"Lame Excuse for News" is a perfect
title for this business. How it has been handled by the GSO, the Fox station, etc., would also fall in the lame category.

What a shame Clay has to put up with this kind of ineptitude, but I imagine he is being his normal titanium self in the face of adversity.

Thank you for an excellent blog, and have a wonderful New Year!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog - thank you.