Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Meaning of Hypocrisy

Kelly Ripacrite
Photo from ourdailyripa.com

For more evidence of hypocrisy, click on the ConCLAYve link in my blogroll.

Hey, I'm glad someone has a sense of humor about this silly incident!

And finally, is this unprecedented? Clay is the subject of two of AOL's Top 5 TV Moments this morning. I hear that noise again...it's called Buzz!

Vote for Clay & Tori!

With that, I'm done.

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marlee said...

Thanks for getting the TRUTH out there!!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, and now tonight, Clay and Tori spelling had a hand to mouth on the AMA awards!!

I can't believe how ridiculous all the hubbub over one little misstep.

People (ie KellyR) please, get a life!

Anonymous said...

They were both wrong. Only difference is that he apologized and she didn't.

Can we move on now?

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

It shows how much crap Clay has gone through.