Saturday, November 25, 2006

Here's Where Clay's Hands Have Been, Honey

No words are necessary. Thank you Clay fan no1tvfan63.

Thanks also to Art for bringing this to my attention.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really interesting video. I don't have an opinion on this Aiken guy since I barely know who he is, but I wouldn't want somebody putting their hands on my mouth either. I'd assume he shakes a lot of hands being a celebrity and all. This time of year is a great time to catch colds and flu.

Ripa is an idiot, but not because of this manufactured outrage.

Alice's friend said...

My Claymate friend Alice says Aiken is some kind of goofball who plays around like this all the time. I suggested to my Claymate friend that maybe he should grow up, so she sent me here to see this video.

I'm not a claymate, nor a Kellymate (haha) but I still don't think he should have put his hand on Kelly's face.

However, she handled it very pooorly as well, and he has apologized (say it with flowers!) so hopefully everyone can move on.

Aiken seems like an OK guy. I do know he puts up with lots of crap in the news.

Carolina Clay said...


Clay may have made a mistake, and he has apologized in word and with flowers. Kelly's was a far greater, calculated gaff when she made such a big deal about it all over the media. Besides, Clay shakes hands with his right; and he used his left to try to get a word in edgewise as co-host.

I wish Kelly could see the montage you are featuring in your blog. Fans know this is just the tip of the iceberg of Clay's humanitarian endeavors.

Thnx for a great blog!


Art said...

Here are two montages that are proper for this time of the season or any season. "Mary" and "Ave Maria."

PS: "Ave Maria" has had over 4,000 hits since I posted it on YOUTUBE; more that any of my creations posted there.