Sunday, November 05, 2006

Clay's Blog is Mucho Good-O! (His Term, Not Mine)

"Oh my Lord! Where in the world have I been?"

Those were the first words of Clay's blog this week, his first since the inception of the Year 2 Fan Club site.

I won't quote the blog, due to proprietary restrictions; however, suffice it to say that he made up in verbage for the lost time!

Of course the fan reaction is mixed, as always. Let's see...he didn't write the blog, he did write it!... he divulged no "new" information, he's so funny!... he didn't mention Kimmel, he spelled so many words wrong, he loves us!...

I call it Claymate Whiplash!

After weeks and weeks of fans begging for Clay to blog after the CD dropped, during which time he was out doing his "promotion run" which evidently meant dealing with questions about his sexuality on national TV, twice, being sick, and making or taping several TV appearances, he did apologize for not blogging recently.

Apparently one of the reasons was that he couldn't access the new fan site! He also said he was lazy and irresponsible. Hey, aren't we all sometimes? Sure we are.

He said the "promotion run," just like that, with the quotations, was draining. I guess it was.

How must it feel to know a large segment of the general public disbelieves something about you, regardless of what you say? How exhausting must it be to know so many people have a preconceived belief about you that is contrary to your own self identity, and based entirely on oversimplified, sterotypical notions?

How frustrating must that be? How draining?

He mentioned being on the Megan Mullally Show, and in what seems like a response to some who complained about his hijinks conducting (aka "controlling") the audience in cheering, he thanked the fans in attendance for playing along.

Too bad. He should have just been able to say "Stuff it, you weren't even there," to those complainers. The audience control thing is one of the oldest fan antics in the book. Many people have done it in the past, and no doubt, it will be done many times in the future by people less known than Clay. It's meant to be fun, and those who don't get that need to find a sense of humor, and fast.

His next comment was about how much fun he had taping the Tyra Banks Show. I guess so; I heard she was all over him. I hate you Tyra Banks.

Just kidding! I can't wait to see that one - should be great!

Kristy and Mary get busted next. It seems they are huge Days of Our Lives fans, and we are encouraged to pray they don't abduct all their favorite characters. Now, I don't watch soaps, but I did tune in one day last week just to get a feel for the storyline. I'm still not sure what the story is about, but it's definitely taking place mostly in the character's beds. I may have to rethink this soap thing after all... The episode airs December 22.

Clay then confirmed that he would be co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Live With Regis & Kelly. Almost like having his own talk show! If you are thinking of being in the audience, I understand you have to apply up to a year in advance for tickets.

Walmart is the exclusive distributor of the upcoming Christmas EP. Clay said the songs, All is Well, My Grown Up Christmas List, Christmas Waltz and O Come Emmanuel are four of his favorites. It's available November 28. Jesse Vargas, who was the musical conductor for Joyful Noise 2004, will serve as musical director for the Clay Aiken Symphonic Christmas shows in December.

Clay loves him some Christmas. Of course, if he had to do all the shopping, cooking, wrapping and decorating, I bet he would change his mind!

And after all that, he made it back to Raleigh in order to vote in the general election today.

The man has priorities. I like that.

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