Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Power of Nice

Be nice. It often makes people wonder what you are up to.

The current issue of Image magazine features an interview with Michael Orland. According to his website, Michael is is currently the Pianist, Arranger and Associate Musical Director for American Idol. He also worked with Clay in creating the arrangements and setlist for his 2005 Jukebox Tour.

During the course of the interview, writer Dianne Austin asked Orland about working with Clay Aiken.

"I think Clay's new, great look is indicative of what is about to break for his future. He'll be hitting the music scene with fresh material in a big way. He's just got it - he's that talented and that different."

"Clay is one of the most giving and generous performers I've ever known. When I worked with him on his Jukebox Tour it became particularly evident. I have never seen a performer in my life who can share the spotlight as easily and genuinely with other talented people like he does and feel so unthreatened by it. That can only come from a feeling of complete security about who he is as a performer - it's one of the things that make him unique."

As is typical in any fanbase, the interview spread throughout Clay Nation, and as a result, many thoughtful fans and Claymates sent thanks to Michael for expressing such kind sentiments about their favorite singer.

A fan reported this message from Michael, in regards to all the love coming his way.

"I love all the E-mails I'm getting with people THANKING me for the nice things I said about Clay - it's so great. But I do say the things I say because I think he's a HUGE talent - and a great guy - and I don't care what the critics say or do - the PEOPLE speak, and they know...and Clay will be a huge talent and will be around for a LONG LONG time cuz he's that good.
Take care."

If you would like to thank Michael for his kind words about Clay, you can leave him a message on his website, linked above.

Regardless of what the media would have us think, some of the nicest people in the universe are citizens of Clay Nation. I've read and heard story after story of the kind and generous actions of the fans of Clay Aiken.

Do you have a story? Please share it.

I think it would be lovely to have all those stories together, in one place. And no one has to buy a book in order to see them.

You never know who might be reading.

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Carolina Clay said...


Great points! I love Michael Orland's comments in the interview, but especially his reply to the fan's email.

This speaks volumes: I don't care what the critics say or do - the PEOPLE speak, and they know...and Clay will be a huge talent and will be around for a LONG LONG time cuz he's that good.

Love your blog!


Lucy said...

I have a story! I had tickets to go to one of the Jukebox tour shows, and became sick and couldn't go.

Several weeks later, I received a DVD in the mail from my friend who was there! And it was of the very concert I missed!

I never asked for it, or even thought about finding it, because my dial up is so slow I can't download anything without it taking forever!

I love my Clay friends.

Anonymous said...

I bought 3 copies of Clay's calendar, and when I found out that a friend couldn't get a copy of it, I gave her one, and said "Merry Christmas."

At my fave fanboard, one member has had a horrible year of selling her house and moving, and we chipped in to get her a gift card to help furnish her new home.
Bonnie in Arkansas